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Preferred Designing Options to Retouch Nursery Walls

Being a new mom, it is difficult to organize your house according to the running and rolling toddlers. Most importantly, if you have a place with an inbuilt nursery room, then you can be relieved by all the furniture shifting and space making process. Although, the only worrisome left then is how to design a nursery that is not harmful for your child. Well, residential painters in Perth do have a solution. Painters of Western Australia provide best solutions to retouch your residential place following all safety protocols. But, all painters don’t have any idea about how a paint can affect a toddler. So being a mother, take note of the following precautions before retouching your house walls.

If you want to retouch the toddler room wall. Then, remember the paints should not possess these qualities:

  1. Use paints should not cause any allergic reactions
  2. If your toddler is creative and likes to spill foods and liquids. Then, make sure the paint you apply is washable.
  3. Use water-resistant paints to prevent wall dampness.
  4. Don’t apply paints that release harmful fumes. Rather, apply paints that don’t negatively impact a toddler’s health condition.
  5. Make sure your paint lasts longer and does not provide a scruffy or weary look.
  6. Don’t apply runny paints as do not last long. Try applying thick paints to give your nursery a satin-finished look. Besides, thick consistency paints are more convenient to apply.


Design your Nursery with Toddler Specific Choices:

Add Decorative Variants

Decorating rooms for your children gives you a wide number of choices. You can design the room with multiple cartoon characters. If you want a girl-specific room that you can touch up your wall with fairy tales. Moreover, if you are looking for baby-specific room design choices, then paint your walls with action figures.

Along with the wall design figures, you either retouch your walls with bright colors or simply decorate them with pictures that can be modern enough. If you don’t want designs, then you can provide the nursery a professional look by painting just a single wall. Else, you can design each wall differently to create every space for a particular activity. For more professional toddler room painting, contact House Painters in Perth.

Include Shapes

Not only the digital industry, but the paint industry also uses modern tools to retouch your walls. One can paint their walls significantly using a paint roller, brush, or spray. 

To achieve the right color, combine paint with the varnish. Increasing and decreasing the color proportions will give you different color saturation accordingly. Mix the elements either using a drill or a construction mixer.

  • After mixing the color spill the color into a different container. Then, dip the paintbrush or roller. To prevent splashing, squeeze the excess paint into the container itself. 
  • To achieve a uniform wall, try applying the paint in a single direction only.
  • Repeat the entire process multiple times to achieve satin-finished and non-flaky walls. Besides, a paintbrush can be used to paint squishy places and corners.

If you wish to leave a wall portion untouched, then cover that section of the wall with thick paper.

Stencils Painting

It is indeed simple to design a toddler room. You can utilize specific stencils to add pictures to your wall. These stencils are available in a wide variety and can be picked accordingly. If you are not good at drawing and do not wish to call a professional, then try painting using a stencil. Stencils help you achieve the exact and the perfect look you wish it to be. Being a toddler you can pick light shade colors and your ideas for exclusive designing.


Stickers are the best way to design a toddler room as applying stickers won’t affect the paint then contact Residential Painters in Perth. To achieve a clean sanitized look, try pulling the sticker in the opposite direction. Besides, a growing child can later change the stickers according to choice. This whole process will save you painter cost and time.

Use Light Shade Colors
To decorate a small nursery room, paint it with bright colors to make it look big.

Besides, if the interior is too cheesy, then just paint one wall including some pictures or designs. If the room is too short from the four corners, then try painting your walls with stripes or rhombuses. Adding vertical stripes adds a heightened effect to the ceiling. 

Besides, If you also wish to repaint your office walls, contact Residential Painters in Perth. Delicate Painting is an integrity-based painting business located in Perth. The painters assigned Delicate Painting apply their professional approach to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Moreover, the painters take extra care of your belongings.

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