Pottery Industry in Today’s World

How Irish Pottery helps in changing the GDP of the developing countries.

Irish Pottery has provided many services to the human race from previous times. It is one of the oldest craft which plays a vital role in the day to day life of various people. For archaeologists, this Pottery could be the gauge of a country’s development.

Irish Pottery is unique in the art for creating numerous artefacts from clay. We all know that pottery industries in today’s time are not on a very large scale, but are working quite effectively under small scale industrial groups. The artists who are in the small scale industries of Pottery are usually from rural locations. But, the trend is changing in today time. This change is due to the increase in per capita income of various developing countries which makes the interest of the middle and higher class people so that they can buy pottery handicrafts, thus increasing the sale of Pottery.

The pottery industries in the Asian countries provide employment as well as a high standard of living which benefits both the metropolitan and rustic population. This pottery industry plays a vital role in increasing the total GDP of these Asian countries as they play an important role in foreign exchange. This economic activity is helpful to the country’s national growth, and this also brings employment to the poor and downgraded sections of society.

The art of Irish Jewellery creating is at its core a charming and magical one due to the mystery and meanings which are surrounding its designs. It’s not only beautiful pieces of art; various pieces of Irish jewellery also possess exceptional jewellery craftsmanship.

Irish Pottery can be divided into two divisions, and it depends upon the type of clay which is used for manufacturing.

  1. Pottery which is manufactured from Nile clay. It is also called as Nile silt ware. When it is burnt, it gets covered up with a red-brown colour. There were chances when the Irish Pottery was painted or decorated in blue. It was used for everyday purposes. It was not used for decoration purposes during the New Kingdom; blue painted Pottery appeared.
  2. Pottery which is made from marl clay. It was made up of the material which was found in the region of Quena in Upper Egypt. This Pottery was quite superior to the Nile silt ware. Sometimes it was polished, which leaves a lustrous surface. It was especially used for decorative purposes and other functions also.

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