Porsche Parts Warranty V/S Quality: Does It Match the Hype?

Porsche is considered by many to be one of the premier car manufacturers of the world. All the latest models of Porsche, released (or yet to be released) in 2020, come with a comprehensive warranty that allows buyers to have their cars repaired or exchanged at no or minimal cost in case of any defects.

Porsche offers a limited warranty that’s quite comprehensive, giving buyers coverage of 4-years or 50,000-miles for the entire vehicle. However, unlike some other luxury brands, Porsche does not extend powertrain coverage beyond those terms.

Despite this minor drawback, it cannot be denied that Porsche vehicles rank near the top of the automobile industry in the realms of vehicle quality, durability, and dependability. This goes a long way in offsetting the costs involved in repairing a premium automobile such as a Porsche.

While any repairs would cost more in the case of a Porsche car than it would for a more mainstream vehicle, Porsche buyers can choose to opt for an extended warranty for their car in order to minimize expenses needed for repairs. Such an extended warranty would involve an upfront cost, but typically this would be lower than what one would have to pay for repairs if the car broke down after the designated warranty period.

Warranty Coverage

The new car warranty that buyers will get in 2020 and onwards provides comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage for a period of 4 years or for 50,000 miles driven, whichever happens, to come earlier. The roadside assistance scheme offered by Porsche is also available for the same time period as the warranty.

The warranty for the powertrain and the vehicle as a whole extends to the above-mentioned period of four years or 50K miles, whichever happens, to occur first. Porsche parts and accessories, on the other hand, enjoy a warranty period of merely two years. The company also offers an 8-year warranty for hybrid batteries and a 12-year warranty for rust perforation in the body-shell of the car.

The mandatory warranties for the emission control system include a long list of Porsche parts that will receive coverage for two years or 24K miles, whichever occurs first. The emission control unit, catalytic converters, and on-board diagnostic system, on the other hand, will be covered by a much more comprehensive warranty of 8 years or 80,000 miles.

Some Porsche parts might receive slightly longer coverage under the emission control laws of California and certain other states with similar emission-related regulations. Porsche also offers excellent warranties for its popular and affordable certified pre-owned models, which has helped increase their popularity among buyers.

Quality of Porsche Vehicles

When it comes to quality, Porsche cars are hard to beat. This is because Porsche auto parts are made from the highest quality materials and adhere to the best production standards. In a survey that measured initial quality after three months of ownership, the iconic Porsche 911 scored highest among all vehicle models then available in the US. The company got the best score for any vehicle for two years in a row.

Moreover, in terms of quality and durability, Porsche vehicles do better than average even as they age. According to a 2019 Dependability Study, Porsche cars displayed only 108 problems per 100 cars after three years of ownership, which earned them the second highest position for dependability in the automobile industry, behind Lexus. In that same study, the Porsche 911 was named the “Most Dependable Model” of the year.

70 percent of all Porsche models ever sold are still found on the road, due to the excellent quality and durability that this brand offers. Every individual car sold by Porsche is extensively tested to ensure that it meets some stringent collision and safety standards. Moreover, the company’s models are constantly updated with new Porsche parts and features, thus ensuring the highest levels of safety and convenience.

Nowadays, Porsche is striving to make sure that its vehicles are safe and eco-friendly as well as being fast and sleek. To this end, they have come out with a few electric models that offer great performance as well as state-of-the-art Porsche auto parts. Porsche typically focuses on perfecting their most iconic, popular vehicles rather than mass-producing a plethora of new models year after year.

In Conclusion

Porsche is a world-class luxury car brand that offers excellent quality combined with comprehensive warranties. These features have made the company popular among car enthusiasts around the world. Car lovers can also opt for aftermarket luxury car parts installation if they want to give their vehicle an extra edge and help it stand out among the crowd. For the best results, however, customers should only purchase aftermarket Porsche auto parts from a reputed seller or manufacturer.

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