Pokemon Card EV Evolution Collection – How Can I Find Them?

Pokemon EV Evolution is probably the most popular character. Eight little characters have captured the hearts of fans around the world. Eevee, Umbreon, Espeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon have become the obsession of every child. But so many people want them, how do I find them? And what items are there?

Because of their popularity, Eevee evolution characters have become quite difficult to find. Since everyone wants these specific eight Pokemon characters, they are expensive and hard to find. Take Umbreon for example.

Beautiful black cats are probably the most popular among the bunch. Prices for some with Umbreon may be rather high. Whether it’s small chopper pop figures, figures, canvas plush toys, pokemon dals, stuffed toys, T-shirts, or pokemon cards for sale, you’ll probably have to pay a bit to get your hands on them.

 What kind of merchandise is there and how do I get it?

Eevee has several Pokemon items with evolutionary characters. Most of these items come from Japan. The Japanese items are of very good quality and since Pokemon is a Japanese anime, it is natural that most of the items come from Japan.

Pokemon cards for sale

In 2008, Pokemon Centers in Japan made Pokemon stuffed toys. The set had eight evolutions, Umbrion, Espion, Flatiron, Vaporon, Glacial, Jolteon, Evi, and Life. They sold out quickly. They were then released in the United States for a short time and, of course, sold out very quickly. Then in December of 200, the Pokemon Centers in Japan republished the evolution of Pokemon.

Again in very small quantities. Again they are sold out in a few days. You can find these items on eBay, but be careful, as there are many bootlegs or counterfeit items. You almost always buy safe from a Japanese seller, because they are honest and of course, they are made in Japan, so your chances of getting the real thing are much better.

Canvas Plus

In 2009, Pokemon Centers in Japan made canvas bin bag stuffed toys. The set had eight evolutions, Umbrion, Espion, Flatiron, Vaporon, Glacial, Jolteon, Evi, and Life. Within a few days, they were sold out. These are smaller than Pokemon and contain a small number of beans inside.

These are very clever because they have legs and are shaped more accurately like characters. These were not released anywhere in the United States or outside of Japan. Prices skyrocket on them. They had about $ 20 when they came out. Now expect to pay around $ 60 for them.

Charms, keychains, and straps

Over the years there have been some keychains of evolutionary character like Umbrian, but these have become almost impossible to find and can be up to $ 200 each. In 2009, Pokemon Centers in Japan released Pokemon Time mobile phone straps.

 In evolution, only Umbrian, EV, and Espeon were created. Umbreon sold out in a few days, sold out in another two weeks. Also in 2009, there was a set of 6 poems which included Umbrian, Espion, Flatiron, Jolteon, Vaperen, and Evi. Glaceon and Leafeon were out of this set.

Cards and stickers

Over the years many Japanese Pokemon EV evolution cards and stickers publish. Most cards range around 5-10 and stickers 1-5. The exceptions are some old Bandai cards. In 1997, when Pokemon first appeared, they released several sticker cards. These are like cards, but there are actually stickers on the front that you can peel off. Some of these can be expensive. Typically, they cost around -1 30-150 depending on the character and condition of the card.

Now the clever part is, how can anyone get these treasures?

There’s always eBay, but personally, I prefer to avoid it because of the number of bootleg items currently sold. Your best chance is some small, personal site where the seller is located in Japan. There are only a few sites in English, so if you can’t read Japanese it makes it difficult. Also, most Japanese sites do not send internationally.

Eevee evolution items are hard to find and usually very expensive. The best bet they bought as soon as they came out. Prices almost always go up over time. Good luck in your search. They have it all.

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