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Planning to Move to your new Home? A Step by Step guide for an error-free relocation!

Moving to your new home is the most delightful thing that can happen to you! Whether you have bought it or took it on rent, it is a kind of small world for you and your partner. Finding a new home is a hectic task and you might have gone through so much to find your dream home. Now, it’s time to relocate your stuff to your home and it is also not an easy-peasy affair! You’ve got to perform a lot of activities before you settle in your new home with peace in your mind.

Right from packing your home belongings to loading, unpacking and unloading require the assistance of professional packers and movers. If you have chosen to pack your articles single-handedly, it will take so long that it will ruin your excitement about moving to your new home. So, it is extremely important to cope up with the unfavorable things to get a safe and quick relocation.

Importance of Packers and Movers

The role of packers and movers is quite important as these professionals can transfer your products without any kind of damage. They are professionally trained to deliver a service that is unmatched and is in sync with your moving requirements. Transporting your stuff to a new location is highly challenging work. Apart from the packing work, other challenging jobs can put you into difficulty and create a lot of your stress, mentally and physically. So, hiring professional packers and movers would be the best decision to take if you are looking for making your house relocation an easy affair.

Choosing the leading packers and movers would be feasible as they can properly pack your fragile items and load them safely on the transport vehicle they have chosen. With their professional services, packers and movers help in lifting your stress. They work with extreme care while offering relocation services to you. Through their services, they help in minimizing the difficulties and relocating to your new house a smooth affair.

Advice for the people looking for relocation

Following are a few suggestions for the ones who are planning relocation:-

  • Do Your Research

If you don’t want any kind of stress during your relocation, hiring packers and movers is a judicious decision on your part. But is finding a perfect packer and mover company is that easy? Well, definitely not as rigorous research is necessary to find a prominent packing and moving company. You should take some time to decide the packers and movers as there are many of them functioning in the market, but to choose the best is difficult. Don’t hesitate to know more about a particular moving agency from your friends and relatives. You can also verify the experience, credibility, as well as reputation of the packers and movers before hiring them.

  • Book early

When you book your packers and movers in advance, you can avoid the costly charges and last-minute hassles. Booking early will provide you the time to explore a variety of options on hiring experienced packers and movers. Also, you can hire the services at the lowest charges. So, it is recommended to book the services of packers and movers 2 or 4 weeks in advance.

  • Sort out the things that can be transported before moving

Many items in your household can’t be relocated by your packers and movers. Some of these items are inflammable things, hazardous articles, and perishable items. So, it would be better if you get rid of these items before your move.

  • Pack your documents and precious items properly

It is suggested to pack your valuables as well as your documents without any help. Some of the valuables you might have in your home are bank documents, property papers, jewelry, hobby collections, cash lease agreements, insurance papers, medical records, and so on. All these items call for proper packing and safe relocation. And it is possible if you pack them on your own. If you let the packers and movers Pune to Bangalore handle these items, you will certainly end up losing them in the piles of other home belongings.

  • Create an essential box full of essential items

It is suggested to create a box full of the necessary items before relocating to your new home. There are many things you need to use in the last days of your relocation. So, you can get these things from the box whenever you want them. There are many items you may put in the box such as tissue papers, basic meals, toilet paper, magazines, non-perishable food, light snacks, bottled water, first-aid box, children’s items, etc.

  • Required packing materials

If you are planning to move through DIY shifting, then you must know the proper packing materials to use during your relocation. If you are not aware of how to pack your belongings, then it is suggested that you should learn the packing technique. Once you are aware of the proper packing techniques and materials, you can pack your stuff most securely.

Some of the packing materials that you can use to pack your stuff are as follows:-

  • Industrial packaging tape, scissors, and knife
  • Different sized boxes such as wardrobe boxes and dish-pack boxes
  • Old newspapers, blank newsprint papers, and bubble wraps
  • Tools and wrenches for disassembling and reassembling your articles
  • Permanent markers with Labeling stickers
  • Cotton clothes or old blankets for wrapping the pieces of furniture.

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A few necessary tips to follow
  • Collect the necessary packing boxes and supplies in advance and make sure that you have at least 25% extra packaging materials at the last moment.
  • You should start your packing the moment you have decided your relocation date. It will help you in avoiding the rush at the eleventh hour.
  • Early packing will also reduce the risk of your products being improperly packages or damaged.
  • Decide a suitable place for packing your items.
  • Wrap your items in the best quality wrapping sheets. You may use blank newsprint paper or bubble wrap for the best results. Should avoid using newspapers for packing the items such as fine chinaware.
  • You should use an extra layer of bubble wraps or wrapping sheets when you are packing breakable or fragile items of your house.
  • Do not pack heavier stuff in the large box. If you pack the heavier stuff such as books in a large box, then you will face a problem in lifting it. So make sure to properly arrange your items.
  • Do not mix the articles of one room to another to avoid any hassles while unpacking the stuff.
  • Place large and heavy articles first and lighter and small articles later in a box. Make sure that there shouldn’t be a space in the box. If the box has a space, make sure to fill it with wadded old newspapers and old cotton clothes.
  • Do not overweight any box.


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