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Places to visit with Children in the Maldives

From a restaurant serving its cuisine under the sea that shines at night, the island-country has many fascinating attractions to dazzle your child and make your holiday in the Maldives with your children. To travel with children in the Maldives, you must book your flight ticket through Southwest Airlines Reservations.

National Museum

A small yet national museum building is on display in the historic visit to the Maldives. Given as a gift to the country by China, it was opened to the public on November 11, 1952, as a museum. The architecture of this huge building, if seen from the outside, is not attractive, but the inside is a grand display, the artifacts and relics are centuries old before the Maldives converted to Islam. 

The shoes and garments were worn by the royal family, the painting of the meetings held in the royal court, the wood carving of Islamic texts, the first step towards the country’s technological progress – all embellished in its multi-layered structure. Each artifact on display has a fantastic story behind it and a walk through the halls of this building will not only leave your child in awe but also tell them about the harmonious history of this archipelago.

Artificial Beach, Male

Tower buildings, modern infrastructure, crowded streets, wide streets, and foreign restaurants greet you as you enter Mali city. However, what the island lacked was that the country is most famous for its pearly white sandy beaches. Therefore, the country built an artificial one! Like all natural beaches, the expanse of the artificial beach is covered with powdery sand with a view of the Sian blue ocean. You can participate in adventure water sports or quench your hunger in exotic cafes near the beach. Live concerts are held on the beach, and a large number of local crowds gather during the summer to swim in the cold waters. The artificial beach is also the ground for many parades and carnival held in the city. When you have a memorable family holiday in the Maldives, spend a jovial time at the artificial beach.

 Bioluminescent plankton beach

Have you heard of bioluminescent beaches? Come to Vadhu Island Beach to stare at the lovely beaches at night. The phytoplankton bathes the sea, and it seems that the entire beach awakens to a new life. The gleaming neon blue waters make for an amazing picture. This wonder of nature is a once in a lifetime experience – the shimmering sheet of water is definitely to behold. This phytoplankton glow when they collide with external forces, oxygen, a wave of air, or even your hands. Since this is a biological reaction, you may be lucky. This beach is the perfect place to have a surreal experience.

Tsunami Memorial

A string of balls with a silver pillar spiraling it makes the tsunami monument look like a small steel beanstalk touching the blue sky. Situated in the artificially thin Ruh Park, this grand building is an essential milestone as it commemorates 82 victims who lost their lives in the Maldives’ devastating Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. This magnificent monument has been visited by many tourists, especially during the year.

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

How does the idea of eating and sleeping under the sea, without getting wet, give you a voice? This should definitely be a big yes. Thankfully the people of Etah conceived it and built an underscore glass restaurant and resort near the very grand Konrad Maldives Rangali Island, the first of its kind. Feeding under a glass roof will make you feel inside an aquarium, but the only difference is that the fish are outside. The unprecedented depiction of the underwater empire will amaze you, especially during the night when it is said to be more breathtaking. A beautiful and unforgettable experience to taste the delectable cuisine in a restaurant that has a 180-degree panoramic view of the rich marine life! 

Food and food in the Maldives

Food is a top priority when holidaying with children. No amount of captivating visual or adventurous experiences can surpass the need to properly satisfy a child’s taste buds. Even though most food joints have a menu full of cuisines from the Middle East, India, China, Sri Lanka, and of course, local Maldivian cuisine, high-end resorts have a more varied menu with many international cuisines. Some resorts have special family meal packages that offer discounts on children’s and baby food. 

If you are following a strict diet, you can inform the staff in advance as they are really flexible and make changes as per the requirements of the customers. Now, this may look tasty for adults, but it needs to be adjusted for children. Therefore, when ordering dishes for your children, do not forget to ask them to keep the food less spicy.

Talking about the huge food chains of the world, sadly, there are no longer popular food outlets in the Maldives. Pizza Hut recently opened an outlet and is in the KFC line. With these developments, there is an expectation that more such fast-food joints will soon open in the archipelago. Nevertheless, when visiting a new destination it is always best to taste the cuisine of that place. And Maldives dishes are famous for making mouth-watering. 

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