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Places to Avoid During Monsoon in India

Monsoon in India means the perfect love triangle of Chai (Tea), Pakoda (Fried food), and Monsoon holiday trip. People prefer to go to the hilly areas during Monsoon. But, some areas of India come into the danger zone due to excessive rain. In such a situation, make your Monsoon trip very thoughtfully and only with the advice of experts. Now we are not even saying that you should stay at home. If you are booking any trip package, ask your trip planner to tell you about the weather condition of the place you are panning to visit. 

Here we have described the most popular places to avoid during the Monsoon in India.

  • Cherrapunji 

Cherrapunji- Places to avoid during monsoon in India

Cherrapunji is a village situated in the southern Meghalaya state, northeastern India. This town of Meghalaya is always wet, meaning it always gets rain, but going here in the rainy season is full of dangers. During Monsoon, the risk of landslides increases, and the citizens in the town face the problem of clean water and travel miles for fresh water for living. So, when you travel during Monsoon, avoid going to such places where you can get into some terrible trouble. 

Visit Cherrapunji between September to January. 

  • Assam


Assam is one of the wonders of nature situated in the northeastern region. Everyone must visit Assam at least once in their life. Although Assam is known for its tea gardens, the rains in Assam are also famous for a different reason. In the rainy season, you can enjoy tea at your home, office, friend’s house, wedding, or any other place, but not in Assam.

During Monsoon, Assam people deal with heavy drenching, which makes travel uneasy and dangerous. Thunderstorms named Bordoichila are one of the problems Assam citizens face when people in the cities enjoy their tea and complain about their comfortable life. Heavy rainfalls, clogging, landslides, waterlogging, etc., are some dangerous conditions that occur every year in Assam during the rainy season. 

November to March are the best months to explore Assam with no hassle and danger of losing your comfortable life. 

  • Orissa

Orissa- Places to avoid during monsoon in India

Orissa is one of the best places to visit to explore Indian culture and heritage. Konark Sun temple, Udaygiri and Khandagiri caves, Chandipur beach, and Raghurajpur are the top 15 things to see in Orissa. But, this beautiful destination to explore in India comes under the danger zone during Monsoon. 

Orissa is not famous for its 25 best places to visit during your trip to India, but it is also popular for its high flood risks during the rainy season. It is a coastal area where heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms are common to face during Monsoon.

So, better to visit Orissa between November and March. 

  • Darjeeling


No matter how many holidays you have spent in Darjeeling, you will always feel that something is still left unexplored. The beauty of lush green tea gardens, flora and fauna, and hills in Darjeeling will amaze you every time you visit there. 

But, when it rains heavily, Darjeeling’s sudden landslides, blocked routes, and foggy weather makes things tough for travellers.

October-March is the best time to visit Darjeeling. 

  • Sikkim


Sikkim is the best destination to visit and enjoy the cold and pleasant weather. But this beauty becomes dangerous when it rains in India. During the rainy season, roads become terrible, and people face the issue of water shortage and struggle with amenities.

So, it is better to explore this beautiful location in India between March-May or October and Mid-December.

  • Chennai


When we plan a holiday, our main objective is to relax, travel, try the best food, take photos, and much more. So in such a situation, check the Monsoon update in India and skip travelling to the destinations where you might face a lot of trouble. Chennai is one of the places to avoid during the Monsoon in India as the city gets flooded, and traffic makes travelling difficult to visit the best places in Chennai. 

November-February is the best time to visit Chennai and explore the top attractions in Chennai.

  • Goa


Visiting Goa is your choice, or planning a trip to any place during Monsoon is your decision. We can only suggest places you can go and avoid during the Monsoon in India. But, Goa is where travellers visit for adventurous activities, beaches, and underwater experiences. During Monsoon, high tides and flood risk increases in Goa. So, it is a waste of money and time to visit Goa because there will be no grand island scuba diving, Calangute beach water sports, or adventure party boat trip with watersports.

You will always enjoy going to Goa any time except during the rains.

  • Uttarakhand


In our Best Places to Visit in India During Monsoon blog, we have mentioned some Uttarakhand locations. Uttarakhand at the start of the rainy season is pleasurable. As soon as the Monsoon continues for a while, Uttarakhand comes into a danger zone. 

In such a situation, the risk of landslides increases, so it can be terrible for you to visit Uttarakhand during Monsoon. It is not that tourism ends in Uttarakhand during the time of rain. People enjoy the beautiful sight of Uttarakhand at the beginning of the rains and return to their homes at the right time.

In such a situation, if you want to go to Uttarakhand, take help from SuperbMyTrip, Tour and Travel Agency. 

  • Mumbai 

Mumbai- Places to avoid during monsoon in India

Mumbai is a dream city, popularly known for the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Bandra-Worli Sea, Taj Mahal Palace, Kanheri Caves, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Museum, and many other beautiful places. But, this dream city is also known for its rain. It is one of the places where you can enjoy the starting Monsoon season in India. 

Mumbai is one of the cities hit hard by the Monsoon in India. Mumbai’s rains are famous, in which the sea level comes a little higher, which always remains a threat of floods. Our previous blog, Best Places to Visit in India During Monsoon, mentioned that Mumbai is the best to explore in the rain. But, you can travel to Mumbai when the rainy season starts. Once it starts raining in Mumbai, it becomes risky to go there. 

In such a situation, you should visit a place with no sea and have few mountains with less risk of landslides. 

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These are the places where you should avoid visiting during Monsoon in India. We are a tour and travel agency that helps you plan your best trip to your favorite country. We provide the best air ticket prices, hotel accommodation bookings, transportation, holiday packages, etc. 

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