Personalize Christmas Packaging Perfect for your Branding

Christmas packaging is among the most requested types of personalized packaging in the last part of the year. It is the perfect and fully customizable solution both for business purposes. Such as Christmas presents to customers, or for corporate gifts to employees and collaborators. In the same way it is use with increasing frequency for personal use, or for the classic exchange of gifts between friends and relatives. With a great touch of originality and uniqueness.

In fact, the personalize Custom Christmas gift boxes packaging can be decorate, or rather printed with the graphics (images, textual, personal thoughts) that you think are most suitable for your gift to family and acquaintances, as well as for the business by adapting corporate images of products and services, logo and payoff in the context of the holiday.

This is why if you are looking for online gift boxes to customize to make the moment magical for Christmas packaging design to make your gift truly original, the wibropack e-commerce is able to offer you a complete solution to be discover.

Christmas packaging: an eco-sustainable and reusable solution

Packaging for Christmas , in this 2022 and also for the years to come, thanks to the advent of direct digital printing on cardboard and the arrival of new types of very resistant cardboard boxes (corrugated or alveolar type, i.e. honeycomb type ape) and with a beautiful aesthetic and functional presence, it can completely replace the use of gift wrapping paper which, as everyone knows, is typically thrown away once the gift packaging is unwrapped.

Although the wrapping paper is recyclable, a packaging for Christmas 2022, design and made in aesthetically spectacular cardboard, to keep an object, bottle, etc., well print and aesthetically design, will hardly thrown or trash. Like paper, cardboard is certainly recyclable and does not require further wrapping if, in fact, customize with the graphics you want and design to be unique to reinforce the moment of exchange.

This is why Christmas packaging for corporate gifts, if well designed aesthetically, can become a reusable product over time and that will remain in your client’s office or studio for a longer period of time than anonymous and non-customized or reusable solutions.

Furthermore, the cardboard gift box , being resistant and scratch-resistant digital printing, will not even need to be wrapped in additional plastic wrapping to be protected, so you can simply pack it and send it to your customer, friend or relative. In this way you will further reduce the environmental impact of the gift or gift.

Christmas 2022 packaging for the company: how to embellish it

Each Christmas packaging is clearly appreciated by those who receive it, usually every year each company exchanges its own with the other, often there is a tendency to create or order pre-packaged and unoriginal solutions that are not able to enhance your brand or make people remember the gift of the year to your customer, partner, supplier, collaborator.

Fortunately, if you choose to create a personalized Custom Christmas gift boxes , perhaps through wibropack, you can ensure that it is not only appreciated but also able to stand out optically and visually among the others present. What Should I do?

If you choose, for example, to contact wibropack, we will be able to print with quality and precision on the cardboard of the gift box, also using special colors. For example, we can use white ink and, or, transparent varnish, usually unusable on systems traditionally used for the production of Christmas boxes.

Christmas Packaging for Businesses

A Christmas packaging & custom mailer boxes for business cannot fail to present the printed logo of your company or recall its colors, even the Pantones or RAL, this aspect will also be checked thanks to the print quality and the service that we can offer you tailored.

Therefore, being able to print any type of graphics on the gift pack , a useful suggestion we give you is to also think about the fact that some types of cardboard gift boxes instead of being on a white base, such as paper, are in fact in brown cardboard on the outside. .

The reflection might be trivial but this will allow you to create a print with white ink and varnish capable of making a snowflake graphic stand out using only white, for example, or create gloss effects similar to ice or water. , or to ennoble your logo.

These are just a few ideas that, if you think about it, can help distinguish your gift from all others. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity but don’t know how to do it. One of our operators can help you graphically set the image to get the aesthetic result you want most.

Type of Christmas packaging useful for all business contexts

Depending on the customer, the type of budget available, etc. You may need different solutions, here are some solutions that you may want to learn more about based on the type of Christmas packaging you are thinking about:

  • Box for bottles of wine, oil, spirits, etc.
  • Bespoke box for cosmetics
  • Packaging for prepackage food products
  • Box for gadgets
  • Box-shape cardboard packaging for a trendy gift or accessories
  • Reusable cardboard packaging as a piece of furniture

 Shown  just some  most use and functional types of Christmas packages that. You made and customize entirely cardboard online and particular with wibropack.

Obviously, the dimensions and weight of the individual products you want to donate with your company gift must also be consider. For example, instead of just one, you may want to give away a set of 3 or 6 bottles and have them arrive well preserved or give them in person. Make sure you choose the right product!

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The personalized bag transforms your Christmas packaging into a reusable bag!

You may find yourself in a female work context or, in general, make a gift that is particularly appreciate and reusable or of great scenic effect that certainly will not be forgot by the manager or the wife of the manager to whom you have donated it, I am talking about the shape cardboard packaging of top case.

Yes, that’s right, if you are looking for the most original Christmas present for this 2021 and capable of making the memory of your company truly unique in such a particular moment, find out immediately how we can help you with a personalized box in all respects.

The cardboard trunk can be customize with the graphics. You want on the sides and on the beautiful curved top. Closure and turns into a practical useful and very original and resistant bag. With a trendy and truly unique look. If you want to know more, discover the cardboard packaging in the shape of an Audrey trunk. On the wibropack e-commerce website and request it personalized, you will make a great impression!

Dimensions and weight for Christmas 2022 packaging

Each gift not only has an emotional weight but the Christmas packages can be heavier. Suitable for size according to the content itself that you will store and host inside them.

To obtain a result that conforms to expectations, once again, printed and personalized cardboard is the most appreciable winning solution. Because it allows you to create resistant, very light Christmas packages. That are able to safely store the contents that you will put inside.

Instead of anonymous packaging, online you may have already come across several solutions. But often the set of information necessary to understand if the product is really for you is not present. On the e-commerce of wibropack instead, we have thought of everything and you can choose between boxes of different sizes:

  • Wine Art boxes for wine of 1, 2, 3, 6 bottles in sizes S, M, L and XL, ranging from the packaging for single bottle (S) from 34x9x9cm (Base x Depth x Height) up to 28 × 18, 5x33cm (Base x Depth x Height) of the XL solution
  • Small box of dimensions 15x15x8cm (Base x Depth x Height)
  • Medium box size 19.5 × 19.5x9cm (Base x Depth x Height)
  • Large box of dimensions 25x25x9cm (Base x Depth x Height)
  • Case size 22.5 × 15.2 × 20.2cm (Base x Depth x Height)
  • Bottle holder from 13x10x26cm (Base x Depth x Height) to 16.3 × 11.5x25cm (Base x Depth x Height) both convertible into lamp holder

Design packaging for Christmas

In addition to the cardboard material and the personalized printing, an important detail is the design of the Christmas packaging. To make your packaging even more unique, as well as reusable, by those who will receive it. Wibropack has exclusively selected 100% Made in Italy design packaging, signed by Covance and Rippotai.

In short, whatever your need to amaze your client or family member. Packaging has the eco-sustainable, reusable and design solution to create and personalize. Your Christmas gift and make the moment of exchange and sharing magical, making your brand truly memorable. The pack is deliver by hand whether it sent to recipient.

Obviously, based on the quantities and availability. We recommend that you think in advance, that is, anticipate the times in the preparation of your company gifts. So that, in particular for large quantities, there is the possibility of packaging everything in time!

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