Steps to Recover the Panda security Account Are:By Answering Security Questions

· You need to go to PANDA’s official website and go directly to the security activation page.

· Then you need to search for a checkbox named “Security activation product key”. You must enter your registered antivirus address and then enter your name.

· In the restore section, you need to choose the “I’ll answer my security question” option.

· Answer the selected secret question and continue.

· If your data matches the previously mentioned data, you can create a new security activation product key.

· Enter a strong security activation product key and you will be notified with a security activation product key confirmation.

By Retrieving a Temporary Security activation product key

· You will also need to visit the official site of PANDA and complete the second step described above.

· In the security activation option, you must select “Send me a temporary security activation product key”.

· You will be prompted for an alternative antivirus ID that you can access. After you enter the antivirus ID, proceed as you type.

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