Packing moving boxes: this is how you do it!

Packing moving boxes sounds very simple, and often you don’t think about this when you move to your new address. However, it is only during removals that people discover that for years they have collected all kinds of things that were hidden in the closet and other spaces. So what to do with all that stuff now? Packing moving boxes is certainly one of the most tedious jobs during a move.

Tips for packing moving boxes

There are different moving boxes. Do you have heavy items or other breakable items? Then you have to look closely at the quality of the moving boxes.

Because you probably don’t move every day, and you may not have any experience with this yet, we would like to help you with useful tips through this article. This way, you can move quickly in a quiet way.

What types of moving boxes are there?

What kind of moving box do you need? Maybe you didn’t know there are all different moving boxes for all your stuff. You should know what kind of moving boxes there are because you want to move your household effects safely.

· Standard moving boxes

We are all familiar with the standard moving boxes, also known as the ‘normal moving boxes, but have you ever heard of the other types of moving boxes? For example, from the wardrobe box? Or the barrel box?

· The Wardrobe box

As the name suggests, the box is for your wardrobe, and these are special clothing boxes.

· The barrel box

The barrel box is again for large objects such as vases or lamps.

Moving materials, your best friend

Packing moving boxes is even smoother with handy moving materials. For example, moving paper can be crucial when packing crockery and wine glasses. So don’t forget to also look at extra moving materials and supplies for your move. You can get a variety of protective packaging materials from Britwrap.

View a list of different protective packaging materials here:

  • wrapping film
  • wrapping paper
  • mattress moving cover
  • moving stickers
  • tape dispenser
  • opvulchips
  • bubble wrap
  • stool cough
  • moving blanket
  • backhoes
  • roll tape
  • ice pack

Do you want to move soon? Then it is wise to pack the moving boxes in a systematic way. It is best to start with an overview. Look at the rooms and the things you need to pack.

Pack moving boxes per room

If you start packing per room and also try to label all moving boxes, you can immediately put them in the right rooms in your new home. How easy is this way of packing?

Especially when the moving day is approaching, and you already have a lot of stress before unpacking? Where you can best start unpacking is very personal, but there is a way that often works best.

Start upstairs in the house

It is wise to start packing from the top of the house. So you can start packing in the attic, where you have most of the stuff you don’t use. And so you slowly work your way down. Of course, you often want to use the living room, and the kitchen is almost always used until the last moment.

It is, therefore, best to pack the kitchen utensils at the last minute, because there is a good chance that you will need a coffee machine for the move, for example.

Packing extra moving boxes

It is also useful to place an extra moving box in every room. You can use this until the last moment for the last items that are found later.

Packing things just means packing smartly, and then it should be fine!


Do you have valuables or papers? This can be, for example, jewelry or passports. It is best to pack these in one moving box. You must keep this box in a visible place where you can reach it immediately. You are already moving your entire household effects, and you certainly do not want to lose this one box with important items.

On your moving day, it is also best to bring this box to your new home earlier so that you can also store it somewhere safe in the new home.

If you need medication, you can keep it in the box with valuables. That way, you can easily access it too.

Protect fragile items

Transport fragile items such as glassware, crockery, lamps, or other kitchen items with care. Try unpacking it immediately in the new house in a convenient place where you have the space. These are often the items that are damaged first.

Using Filling Materials

It is wise to use bubble wrap when packing fragile materials, but you could also use towels for this.

You can also put the smaller fragile items in socks and use small boxes for these smaller items. These layers of socks protect your stuff in the box while moving.

You can also pack crockery by wrapping them separately in a protective layer. This gives extra protection to your glassware.

Furthermore, only protecting the fragile objects in the box does not help, but it is best to fill the moving boxes as well as possible. This means that when packing moving boxes, you must fill them well, so don’t leave them half empty.

Packing plates

People often wonder how to pack plates safely. A mistake that is often made is that the plates are stacked on top of each other in a moving box. But if you do not protect the signs well, they will easily break or damage during the move, for example during transport. Also, the moving boxes are too heavy this way, so you cannot lift them.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s best to wrap the plates one at a time in old newspaper or bubble wrap. After this, you can stack the plates, but you must pay attention to the weight again.

Good luck packing moving boxes!

We hope that with our tips, you have been able to pack all your things like a pro and that it has not been a tedious job for you at all. Furthermore, we wish you good luck with your move.

I hope this blog will help you a lot in packing. To read more articles like this, click here.

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