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One of the most difficult tasks during relocation is the packing of fragile items. The risk associated with it makes it quite stressful. Any type of casualness could make you lose thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to be attentive when handling fragile items. One of the key tips to pack these with complete safety is by getting the help of the best moving helpers available at iMoving, the leading place to find moving services of all kinds.

Packing fragile items itself is a complicated job but it becomes very puzzled because there are a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with these. To transport these items with complete safety, make sure you pack them with great care. But it is essential to stay away from the misconceptions and myths present out there. Check out these myths right now:

 Large-sized items are sturdy

It is the most common misconception that can be witnessed in people. Many people think that if the item is large then it will be sturdy enough to get damaged. And due to this misconception, no proper packing is provided to the particular large-sized items making them open to damages. It is your responsibility to see that all belongings whether large size or small in size should be packed properly to provide enough protection and thus, reduce the chances of accidental damages.

 It’s not important to label the boxes

Many people take labeling for granted activity. But they are not aware of the fact that missing providing the appropriate labels can result in mishandling of the moving boxes which are filled with fragile items and thus, increase the possibility of damages. Therefore, people need to provide appropriate labels depicting ‘fragile items” or “handle with care” on the moving boxes.

 No planning is required for packing

Most people believe in doing the things on the very spot. They don’t believe in planning things. But when it comes to packing the belongings that are to be moved, it is important to prepare an effective plan and strategy because with no plan you can end up unpacking some moving boxes and some can be repacked. All this confusion makes complicated packing tasks more time and energy-consuming. By preparing the proper plan and strategy you can not only complete the entire packing task in less duration but also reduce the confusion to a great extent. Therefore, do prepare a checklist before you start packing all your belongings.

 Shippers will provide special treatment to delicate items

One of the next common misconceptions with which people are living is that the shippers will handle the moving boxes having fragile items with care and security. But the bitter fact is that no matter if you label the moving boxes as fragile items, they will not be given any special treatment. Thousands of moving boxes are to be shipped by the shipping hubs on regular basis. It is not feasible for them to give extra attention to the delicate packages. Carriers are supposed to move quickly to deliver different packages to different locations on time. Therefore, before sending the boxes for shipment make sure to provide protective packaging to your delicate items so that they can take the beating.

 No need to protect corners

Many people tend to forget to provide proper protection to the corners of large and bulky items. Corners are the most delicate part of any item, especially when the item is delicate, and thus, are more prone to scratches or any other damages. If you don’t want your item to get damaged, then do protect the corners. Just equip them with padding and packaging paper.

 It’s easy to pack delicate items

It is the usual mistake that one makes. Most people think packing delicate items is the easiest task and thus, do not hire professional packing services, they start packing the stuff on their own. This is when they are wrong. Packing fragile items by an inexperienced person makes them prone to damages adding to the moving cost. Whereas, professional packers are trained and experienced in packing different types of items. They very well know the techniques to pack fragile items. With their professional packing services, you can protect your precious belongings from any accidental damages. 

 More items can be stuffed in the cardboard boxes

Many people choose large boxes and pack a lot of items into a single box which results in damage. Their thought process is like packing all the fragile items into a single large box but this causes scratching in between the items and they end up breaking.

 Wrapping it all up!!!

Though the entire packing is a daunting job to do during relocation but the most difficult s to pack the stuff especially the fragile one. If you want to transport these with safety, make sure you stay away from all the above misconceptions else these could ruin your entire moving experience. But now you know the real facts so you will have a good moving experience.

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