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Outsourcing Accounting and Key Things about it

Accounting Tax and Super Fund

What all things are created equal and this is so, true in the outsourcing accounting market.

So, If you want to outsource your standard accounting tax and super fund work you have to be very careful of the provider.

Outsourcing Accouting

7 Things You Need to Know About Outsourcing Accounting

Therefore, use after all this is your core staple work, you’re giving to someone else to do. Let’s look at the seven things, you need to know about outsourcing accounting work offshore.

  1. Supervision and Training for Outsourcing Accounting

Supervision and training the tax practitioners board states providing adequate supervisory arrangements is critical in the offshoring tax service business model.

The tab is also keen to see internal procedures used to satisfy supervisory and control requirements. Which may include activities such as training for offshore staff in Canada.

Tax registered agents on-site overseas rotation for overseas staff to gain experience and solid quality assurance systems the managing director in our Canada office.

Is a member of both the

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
  • Member of the IPA
  • Certificate of Public Practice
  • Australian Registered Tax Agent
  • Crypto Tax Agent Australia

Our training is systematic and ongoing ensuring staff are trained up as well as.


Any Canada counterpart credentials if you want the work done to a good Canada standard check the credentials of the offshore.

And Canada side operations are the accountants doing the work qualified CA or CPA accountants who are the directors.

What credentials do they have that demonstrate they can run an effective operation and deal with Canadian tax?

And law competently boss is a practice entity member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Canada. Yet has several staff that has passed the Canada corporations law and Taxation exams.

3.Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance contacts your insurer and sees how they feel about outsourcing accounting work offshore.

No doubt they will want to pass the buck and may well not cover you.

If the hiccup occurs so make sure your provider has professional indemnity insurance.

It covers their operation and that your contract is with a Canadian legal entity with professional indemnity insurance cover for the whole operation boss has indemnity cover and the engagement contractors.

4.Office Security and Confidentiality

With our Canada office security and confidentiality, what steps does your outsourcing provider take to keep your data secure who has access to your client’s data?

What options are there, if you don’t want the outsourcing provider to have any data kept locally.

Make sure the firm you use does absolutely everything they can to ensure.


Your data is safe communication with ten years of experience in outsourcing we know one of the key factors that impacts the success of using an accounting outsourcing firm are communication.

That takes place when the pressure is on you want things to be done with the minimum of fuss for efficiency and effectiveness once a job is passed to the provider the accountant in the outsourcing firm.

Should be in direct contact with your accountant this should be via email phone and instant messaging using a service.

Like Skype, you need to be able to communicate as easily with the outsourced accountant as you do with one of your colleagues.

6.Control and Monitoring

Control and monitoring what happens to a job that you pass over to the offshore firm how do you keep track of it what can you do to expedite jobs.

If you need urgent work done you shouldn’t feel like you’re losing control when you hand over a job there should be a system to monitor jobs and performance effectively if an outsourcing provider works.

Your Network

  • Workflow system
  • Timesheets

Your network and you have a workflow system and timesheets then ideally, they should use that system if this facility isn’t available.

Outsourcing Firm

  • WIP
  • Timesheets

Outsourcing firms should have a standard whip or workflow system that’s visible any time and provide timesheets. So, you can monitor control, and manage jobs just like you do already in-house at the boss.

If we don’t use your workflow system, we provide you with access to our cloud-based workflow system to help you manage jobs and monitor.


Our performance collaboration to get the most out of an outsourcing arrangement. You need to collaborate closely collaboration is where your outsourced accounting teamwork as if they are working in-house.

That is they use your procedures and your working papers so they work. Just like your current staff, this means it’s easy for you to review work. And be comfortable with everything that is being done.

Exactly how you want it done very few outsourcing firms can truly offer this collaborative approach.

And even fewer can offer the option of adding a casual accountant to help out for those busy times of year naturally boss offers all these options.

What next if you want peace of mind and an all-around service from a reliable and trustworthy provider take a free 20-hour trial or call us to discuss our service.

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