Oh! It’s A Beautiful Event! Send Lovely Gifts To Your Loved Ones On Their Birthday

The most special event in anyone’s life is his or her birthday. This is the special occasion when a person gets to start a new life as a human. It’s an auspicious day full of best wishes, blessings and presents. Secretly, this is the day on which every human being waits a whole year long. Be it 2022 or in previous years, people have always celebrated birthdays. Traditionally each culture has a special way to celebrate this event. This is a fun day and its essence cannot be compared to any other day in the entire year.

A birthday brings happiness. When it is our birthday or our friend’s birthday, it makes us happy. People plan huge celebrations. They treat their friends, relatives and colleagues. The person prays is to God for his blessings. I am sure everybody cherishes such moments. When this occasion comes, the first thing which clicks to our mind is the birthday gift! Sending a beautiful birthday gift becomes a priority.

Sending lovely gifts to people on their birthday…

Birthday gifts are kept a secret. Since always this tradition is followed as it is. A birthday present is a special gift which is gifted to the birthday boy or birthday girl and is his or her favourite thing. It brings a lovely smile to their face. And when the gift is handed over secretly the smile is multiplied. Birthday gifts are mesmerizing.

Earlier when people were in school, each friend used to save pocket money to buy presents for his friend. Those were lovely days. There would be a mini cake cutting celebration and a huge round of clapping. Then the student used to distribute sweets to his class fellows, friends and teachers. In return, they used to bless him with lovely wishes.

Today we live in different cities or different places. Reaching on birthdays is tough. But everyone wants to send gifts to the birthday person to make his birthday memorable. If you are in such a condition then you are at the right place. Thanks to Oye Gifts! They make it easy to send birthday gifts Online to the person. We will explore some options.


The cake is the most important element of a birthday. A beautiful cake is a complete birthday surprise. Cakes come in different sizes and flavours. Whichever is the favourite, that cake should be sent. We can choose according to our wishes.

Heart Shape Sugarfree Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate cake-

chocolate cake is almost everyone’s favourite. There are chocolate cakes in different varieties such as Black forest, chocolate base cake etc.

Velvety Choco Truffle Cake

Vanilla fruit cake

vanilla fruit cake is 70% white in colour decorated with cherries and designs on top and chocolate syrup coats the sides in a beautiful design.

The Sunrise Cake Vanilla Flavour 1 kg

Butterscotch cake-

Many people love butterscotch. This cake is yellow coloured with designs of dots at its base and chocolate syrup is spread in a beautiful pattern on the top.

Half kg Butterscotch Cake

Dry fruits pack-

this is the best gift when you are sending a birthday gift for elders or seniors. This is a beautiful gift which can be used in formal and informal conditions. There are different varieties of packets of dry fruits. Any particular packet can be chosen according to the choice.


people who love greenery also love plants. This can be the best option to gift to such people. There are multiple options in plants such as bamboo plants, peperomia green, Syngonium white, aloe vera pot etc. These look beautiful and also are useful in life.


there are multiple varieties which can be chosen and sent to the birthday person. Rose bouquet, multiple flower bouquet, orchids bouquet, and Lily bouquet are some of the categories. Personalised messages can be printed along with the bouquet on a small card offered. Fresh smelling flowers make a day perfect hence this can be a good option.


chocolates can be given individually or along with bouquets. Chocolate and bouquet make a complete gift. This is a good option if one wants to keep the gift, friendly.

Sweet KitKat Bouquet

The combo gifts-

where a combination of gifts can be sent such as a bouquet with chocolate, a bouquet along with a teddy bear, a bouquet along with a bamboo plant etc. They look beautiful.


sweet such as gulab jamun can be sent to people on their birthdays. Elders love such kinds of gifts. It’s a small lovely gift.

Sending online gifts to special people

Today’s life is full of busy schedules and meetings. Going and buying gifts online personally is a big task. This is also tough when the person is living in another city or town. To solve this problem there are online gift stores. They cater to our needs. They make choosing and sending the gift feasible. The delivery time is also very less. Sometimes delivery is made in 2 to 3 hours. We can keep in mind some points while choosing the gift:

  • A useful gift-the gift given should be a useful one. People love it when gifted with such gifts. It is also value for money.
  • Personal favourite- the person who is to be gifted with a present, his choice matters. When he receives his favourite thing the gift’s value increases automatically.
  • Colour of flowers- if sending flowers, then the colour should be kept in mind. This is a secret for making someone’s day happy.
  • Give a personalised message- this makes the gift lively and compensates for your physical absence on a special day.
  • When gifts are sent to a male person, then the men’s section should be searched for and vice-versa. Teddy bears and flower combinations should be avoided for men but females love such kinds of birthday gifts. This should be kept in mind while selecting the gift.
  • Fragmented deodorants can also be given as gifts. There are a variety of such deodorants both for men and women.

These were some important points that people should keep in mind while sending gifts from the online store. They should use an online gift store delivery service as it is made within 2 to 3 hours.


I am Abhishek Kumar. I am Digital Marketing Executive. I have 5 years of experience in this field. I am currently working in the Online Gift shop OyeGifts. It's an online gift store, that offers creative gifts online. Check out our range of different types of gifts that will help you surprise your loved ones.

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