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Office Renovation Ideas- Decorative Laminates to the Rescue

Renovating office spaces is a tricky endeavour. Office settings should be such that they promote employees to maximise their productivity. However, in recent times office spaces are also expected to be a space a balance of work and respite is provided. This comes from the understanding that the most well-rested and satisfied employees perform the best. Hence, designers and architects have been working towards achieving this ideal mix of environments focused on the needs of employees. If you have been looking to renovate your office spaces- either at your workplace or home, you have come to the right place. Home offices are becoming a widely accepted concept, and this is has become clearer in 2020 than ever before.

Using high-pressure decorative laminates in the redecoration of office spaces is your best bet in turning your dream office into a reality. The great part about using laminates in your office spaces is that it will not burn a hole in your pocket, and no matter what your budget is, you will find a way to incorporate these in your renovation process. Without further ado, let us look at how decorative laminates for office spaces work.

High-pressure decorative laminates are extremely versatile materials and have several applications around office spaces. As discussed earlier, workspaces need to be a combination of utility and serenity- which is exactly what laminate sheets bring to the table. No other material comes close to bringing together functionality and beauty the way laminates do. You must educate yourself regarding the special features laminates have that make them the perfect choice for your office. Laminates can be used in every part of your office- be it co-working

spaces, private cubicles, private offices, recreational areas in the office, cafeterias and so on.

Discover Merino laminates– an industry giant with decades of experience in providing interior solutions to both home and office spaces. We offer a wide collection of enduring and aesthetically pleasing decorative laminates for your office spaces.

Different firms have different approaches to how their office spaces should be. Global giants like Google and Facebook have proved that making their workspaces employee-friendly has rewarded them remarkably. Based on this, work towards making your office spaces as warm and welcoming as possible. This space should be like a second home to your employees. Bring vibrant colors into the picture. Use refreshing patterns on different sections of the office to avoid monotonous repetitions. Have an elaborate space where employees can take a breather occasionally. Think of introducing an in-house cafeteria so that employees do not have to look elsewhere to dine in. Bring in a functional pantry for coffee breaks.

Decorative laminates from Merino have a plethora of options for each of the ideas mentioned above. Explore Merinolam- highly decorative laminates that can be used in designing several sections of your office spaces. From work-tops, office partitions, and cubicles to counters, their application is limitless. Merinolam decorative laminates come in a host of colors, patterns and designs that will sync right into your office spaces, elevating their looks.

Working with ample lighting is an extremely important factor in offices. Discover Tuff Gloss MR+ from the special laminates category. These super gloss laminates reflect light and make your office spaces seem bigger and brighter, bringing lots of positive vibes in. They also look elegant and sleek in modern offices. Use them in your conference rooms and experience the magic.

Speaking of conference rooms and other high traffic areas within offices- you must ensure that your office surfaces remain clean and hygienic. Decorative laminates from Merino are surprisingly easy to clean and require practically the lowest maintenance methods. Also, check out Finguard, anti-fingerprint laminates exclusively for workspaces that are handled frequently.

An important part about renovating your office space is incorporating the safety aspect. Merino’s Performance laminates ensure just this. Check out Electro Static Dissipative laminates (ESD+) for the furniture that holds your electronic devices. ESD+ provides resistance to furniture used in electrostatic protected areas, thus ensuring a safe workplace. It minimises the risks of sparking and causing damage to sensitive electronic appliances by draining out static charges.

Re-imagine your office spaces with Merino decorative laminates. Whether you are looking to renovate your home office or the office spaces at your firm, Merino has just the right decorative laminates for you.

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