Natural Perfumes and Aromatherapy- A Bond to Remember

For centuries now, the word aromatherapy has been in talks. Be it around natural perfumes or alone, it has been a significant part of human lives. Since the time of childhood, we all have been listening to the importance of mindfulness and peace. And, when we consider these, aromatherapy comes to our mind . 

In a nutshell, if we talk about the science of aromatherapy, then it is a practice of treatment in which plant-based essential oils are used to promote wellness of mind and health. Apart from mindfulness, it also essentially helps achieve sound fullness and better sleep.

Similar to all this, you might have also heard about it referred to as “essential oil therapy” many times. The oils produced from plant-based products get often sourced into beauty products like organic perfumes, cosmetics, and skincare. And, the most common beauty essentials manufactured through natural scents are natural perfumes, bathing salts, and fragrant candles. 

Keeping the same in mind, we at Adiveda Natural present a guide explaining the importance of natural scents in aromatherapy and how it is beneficial in real life for humans.

What Are Essential Oils and How Long They Have Been in the Picture? 

Essential oils, a great source of natural perfumes are obtained from a process majorly known as distillation. The natural scent oils which are used are taken from various plants and other organic ingredients. Certain ingredients like spices and woods are used to form rare and unique fragrances. Additionally, the later material derived from these sources is called essential oil. It gets used in beauty and perfumery products on a large scale.

Furthermore, if you talk about the role of natural oils in aromatherapy, then history paves down to many years in a row. For the past thousand years, ancient cultures in India, China, and Egypt have been using essential oils as an integral part of aromatherapy. Similarly, organic perfumes and beauty products get employed for medical and religious beliefs.

Benefits of Aromatherapy in Human Life 

While discussing the benefits of aromatherapy, you might need to grab some coffee and lend your ears because the list is endless. Yet, keeping the same in mind, we will discuss a few factors about why aromatherapy is beneficial in human life. 

  •   Manage pain
  •   Improve sleep
  •   Reduces signs of stress, anxiety, and agitation
  •   Treats sore joints
  •   Reduces headaches and migraines
  •   Eases discomforts
  •   Improves Immunity
  •   Fights against bacteria and fungus 

Essential Oils and their Benefits in Luxury Perfumes 

If we talk about essential oils used in natural perfumes, then, there will be more than 100 oils that carry various therapeutic benefits. Hence, keeping the wide range in mind, we present you with a list of the top 5 essential oils in perfumery with benefits. 

Lemon Essential Oil 

Lemon essential oil used in organic perfumes is a mood-enhancing, sweet and aromatic fruit. It originated from the Middle East and came back to Spain and Africa in the Middle Ages.  In South Asia, lemon got used as an antidote for several harmful poisons. The antiseptic properties are perfect to resemble goodness in any natural perfume.  Other than this, modern researchers suggest that lemon is an excellent ingredient to uplift mood and enhance productivity. 

Orange Essential Oil

Orange as an essential oil is a topper in many floral natural scents.  Many great perfumers suggest that orange is versatile and works great in both female and male scents.  The exotic fragrance it carries takes away the thoughts of agitation and improves mental health in tropical and far away places. Moreover, it works commendably with various ingredients like lemon, grapefruit, lime, pomelo, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, sandalwood, cloves, and vetiver. As per ancient perfumers, humans can have a lot of benefits by using this particular essential oil in perfumes and beauty products.

Lavender Essential Oil

Popularly known as a soothing ingredient, the lavender essential oil is an innovation of ancient history. The middle notes blend perfectly well with other ingredients like bergamot, black pepper, clove, chamomile, cedarwood, clary sage, eucalyptus, patchouli, and peppermint.  As per records, there are 47 species of this natural scent, and they are widely used as a part of luxury perfumes and aromatherapy. The essential oil is popularly used in bathing salts, candles, perfumes, and diffusers because of its soothing, calming, relaxing and antiseptic properties. 

Peppermint Essential Oil 

Peppermint is an essential oil in organic perfumes and is highly versatile. The fragrance is intense and highly concentrated. It gets manufactured through the process of steam distillation. Also, considered as a freezing herb, it is great to cool down the body and mind. The extreme striking feeling evokes emotions in the human body and stimulates freshness as a sign of youth. It has been used in various aromatherapy practices when people suffer from headaches, migraines, and irritation. The low dilutions of the ingredient are fresh and intensely minty to smell. The highly concentrated, water mint and spearmint work great with top notes like grapefruit, lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil 

The rich, woody and soothing essential oil come from a long history in natural perfumes, incense, and after shavers. Ancient Greeks have been using cedarwood for fragrance, whereas Romans burnt it for the embalming process. Natural essential oils get derived from needles, barks, leaves, and berries of cedar trees. Furthermore, we would like to state that it is a part of exotic natural perfumes and adds an aromatherapy blend by capturing the mind and improves focus. The brain-stimulating warm properties of cedarwood make it great to use when having a rough day in winter. 

In conclusion, aromatherapy and natural perfumes go together for a very long time. The future beholds their love for each other as a way of stimulating one’s mind and peacefulness. While using it, one can easily attain benefits that are useful in everyday life. Apart from generic benefits, using something like this will not only improve peace but capture focus, memory, and strong retention power. Apart from using it as organic perfumes, one canal always has some air diffusers and fragrant flowers that can hold back the scent of these natural essential oils and offer aromatherapy to mind. 

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Mini is a professional blogger and designer based in India. She works with Adiveda Natural and write about perfumes and beauty products.

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