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My Experience On The Paryat Traveller’s Community

Hello guys, I am Sakshi Agrawal, an active member of the Paryat travel social network. My passion for travelling takes me to different tourist destinations that ordinary people only dream of visiting. Well, not taking more time from you guys, I am going to share with you my recent tour experience, which I started in San Francisco, California and concluded at Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA.

Travel Social Network

As I mentioned earlier, I am a travel enthusiast, so I love to travel to far-off places, leaving my comfort zone aside. There are many memories of my past travel experiences, some are good, and some are bitter. Well, both aspects of these have made my travelling worthwhile. It is because these experiences made me realise that life is more exciting when you are curious about exploring new things and new ways in your life. Following this ideal, I made travelling my hobby.

Initially, when I started to travel, I faced many difficulties because of my unawareness of different cultures, destinations, travel routes, modes of travel, and so on. However, when I heard about the Paryat itinerary planner app, my passion for travelling upgraded to new levels. This app is really a very helpful app from the perspective of traveller’s community. Well, the foundation of this app itself is based on creating a social network for travellers. Hence, there is no doubt that the Paryat app serves the needs of the traveller’s community.

My Travel Itinerary To Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

As a travel enthusiast, I have travelled to many places in the USA and other countries. Recently, in March, I travelled to Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA, from San Francisco, California, USA. During my tour, I visited many places in a single go. I have shared the experience on the Paryat app in the form of an itinerary.

The Starting Point

I started my tour from San Francisco, California, USA. It is a commercial and cultural centre in the northern part of the state of California. The city is also the 17th most populated city in the USA and the 4th one in the state of California. Regularly hundreds of tourists from different parts of the world visit this city to witness major tourist attractions of the city, including Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Lombard Street, and Muir Wood National Park, and many more.

As the city was my starting point, there is no sense in explaining what I saw here. Rather it will be good to share the cost that I spent here. The cost of travelling to this city was $9 in total.

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

This place, situated on the northern waterfront, is one of the city’s busiest tourist areas. Visitors can make their trips memorable by visiting shops and stalls selling crab and clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls. Here, a colony of sea lions and a historic shipyard is the main attraction for tourists. The total cost of visiting and resting in various locations was $20.

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

On the third day of my tour, I visited Alcatraz islands. This place is a small island in the San Francisco Bay, which is located 1.25 miles offshore from the main city. The development on this small island was initially meant to serve the purpose of a lighthouse, military fortification, and a military prison. At present, these developments attract tourist’s attraction greatly. Here, I spent a total of $31.

Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown in San Francisco is one of the oldest and most established Chinatowns in the USA. After reaching this place, the first place that attracted me was the iconic Dragon’s gate, which symbolises the entry point to a bustling maze of streets and alleys brims with dim sum joints and traditional eating points. Since this place is a marketplace and I have to travel further, I avoided shopping. This was why I did not spend much here.

Los Angeles, California

From Chinatown, I travelled to Los Angeles by air route on the fifth day of my tour. In this city, I visited three places, including Beverly Hills, The walk of fame and the famous theatre, the Hollywood sign and Griffith observatory. The total cost of visiting these places was $31.

Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Here, I visited on the 6th day of my tour. This place is popular for two reasons, the first one is Venice beach and the second one is a road trip to witness the beauty of the sunset.

La Brea Tar Pits And Museum, Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 

This place is heaven for car lovers. It is because visitors can find all sorts of interesting cars which we see in Hollywood movies and television programs. Here, I spent a total of $8 throughout the day.

Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California

This place was my 8th-day tour destination. Here, I witnessed shooting sets of fictional universes, such as The Simpsons, Harry Potter, The Walking dead, and so on. After looking at the fictional universes of these Hollywood movies, I was amused. And, I personally recommend my community members on the online trip planning Paryat app to definitely add this place to their travel itinerary, as the total cost of visiting this place is $12 only.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

This city is famous for its nightlife in the entire world. Here, I visited on the 9th day of my tour. I personally recommend other members of my social network to take a picture on the entry point of the city. I, too, took a number of snaps of myself on this point. After taking pictures, I visited the Las Vegas strip. This place is popular among tourists for its sights, gambling, food, and fun.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon Park is a national park in the USA. This park is popular for its scenic desert cliffs, buttes, and spectacular rock formations. Here, I visited an outlet mall, where tourists usually visit to do shopping and enjoy meals. In this place, I spent a total of $12.

Hoover Dam, Nevada

After touring for ten days continuously, I reached my destination, Hoover dam, on the 11th day of my tour. Here, I visited the main dam region, which is built in the black canyon of the Colorado river. The region of dam construction covers the border of Nevada and Arizona. Here, I spent a total of $17.

This was all about the experience of my recent visit to the Hoover dam, Nevada. I personally suggest all other members of the Paryat travel social network to add these places to their travel itineraries.

Paryat App

Paryat gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the whole journey from someone who has been there for real. In the ongoing pandemic this is just a start to bring the world travel community together and help each other when it is needed most. So what are you waiting for? Join us to expedite this project!

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