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Must Try Vietnamese Dishes List

Vietnamese food is the heart of Vietnam’s culture which has become very famous worldwide. It is the combination of a wide variety of flavors and tastes.

These dishes aim at offering a balance of taste elements, food presentation, and all the necessary nutrients. This makes all the dishes the healthiest and most flavorful in the whole world.

So, definitely have the various Vietnamese dishes whenever you visit Vietnam. However, if you are a first-time visitor, you can get confused about what to order. Though the recommendation list is very long, we are listing the top dishes that one should try at least once. Here, we are covering them in this article.

Top Best Vietnamese Dishes For The First-Time Visitors

Pho- The Vietnamese Soup

Pho is among the most preferred Vietnamese dishes and is very famous all over the world. It is truly magic when you slurp its soup. One can have this cuisine on street stalls as well as in top-quality restaurants.

There are varieties of key ingredients which make this Vietnamese soup full of flavors. It includes clean stock, fresh herbs, beef, soft rice noodles, scallions, and meat. Anise, cilantro, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves enhance the taste of the broth.

The flavorful taste of pho soup is due to its excessive preparation process. To give an extra kick to your taste, you can sprinkle some chili flakes and peppers, and squeeze some lemons. For the vegetarian people, adding tofu, green veggies, Thai basils, and coriander are the main ingredients.

Typically, pho is of two types which people can enjoy according to their preference. If you like chicken, have “Pho Ga”, while for the beef lover, “Pho Bo” is the go-for choice. Basically, this Vietnamese dish can be eaten any time of the day, but people of Vietnam enjoy it mostly at breakfast.

Com Tam- The Broken Rice

It is one of the top traditional Vietnamese dishes which has a combination of grilled pork and fresh veggies. Typically, this cuisine is prepared using broken rice grains.

The presentation of the dish includes fried eggs, radish, scallions, tomato, carrot, and cucumber. Additionally, the sauce which is a blend of fish sauce, garlic, sugar, and chili makes a huge contribution to spicing up the flavor of dish. In the Southern region of Vietnam, people enjoy it in every meal while in the North, it is mainly eaten at lunch.

Bun Cha – The Vietnamese Grilled Pork With Rice Noodles

Besides its simple presentation, Bun Cha is among the oldest Vietnamese dishes that satisfy your hunger with delicious flavors. It consists of grilled pork, flat noodles, and fresh herbs which gives an amazing taste to the cuisine.

For eating this food, one needs to fill the bowl with all the ingredients. In addition, spread fish sauce over it. By adding the dipping sauce, “Nuoc Cham”, you can spice up your taste buds. Besides this, the smell of the pork roasted over the charcoal can make your mouth watery.

The intense cooking process of this dish creates it more unique. Firstly, the people marinate the pork which is kept overnight so that it can be completely filled with the flavors of herbs. It makes the meatballs tender and juicy. More than this, the balance of the sweet taste of the meat and the spiciness of the dipping sauce gives the mouthwatering flavors.

Goi Cuon – The Vietnamese Spring Rolls

This Vietnamese dish consists of green vegetables, rice noodles, cilantro, and seafood or meat covered in translucent rice paper. In some restaurants, this cuisine is served with a platter of lettuce and mint. Dipping the spring rolls in the peanut sauce gives a more delicious taste.

For its preparation, firstly people make the rice paper soft using water and then expertly roll them up in a cigar-like shape. Moreover, it is among the best appetizing Vietnamese dishes to serve as a snack or starter.

Mostly, the common and main ingredients of this dish are meat and green vegetables. However, in Southern Vietnam, people add green bananas and star fruit despite the veggies.

Banh Xeo – The Crispy Vietnamese Pancakes

Vietnam’s people call this dish a sizzling pancake because of the sound it makes just as the batter is spread over the pan. This cuisine has a golden crispy crepe which has the filling of the seafood like shrimp, meat, fresh herbs, and mung sprouts.

The dish also has the stuffing of the eggs which depends on the preferences of the diners. People eat it by wrapping it in rice paper or lettuce leaves and then dipping it in the fish sauce.

Banh Cuon: Vietnamese Steam Rice Cake

This Vietnamese dish is popular in Northern Vietnam and is prepared using a batter made up of rice flour, salt, oil, and water. The stuffing includes pork, mushrooms, and pieces of shallots. Dipping the rolls in the spicy fish sauce gives the more tasty flavors.

Besides this, the dish also has the seasoning of bean sprouts and green veggies. It is a very inexpensive food that one can enjoy in street vendors and restaurants as well. Furthermore, the cooking method of this cuisine requires expertness and carefulness. The chef spread the batter on the pan which forms a sheet of rice rolls that should be very thin and smooth. Therefore, one needs to be very attentive while preparing it.

After filling the rice rolls with all the stuffing ingredients, each piece is placed in the steamer. After a few minutes of steaming, the rolls are ready to eat.

Banh Mi – The Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh Mi is one of the famous street Vietnamese dishes which people usually have at breakfast as it is easy and quick to cook. Its crunchy baguette full of delicious fillings makes this sandwich the favorite food of everyone.

The ingredients it includes are mainly meatballs, carrots, pate, pork, eggs, and green veggies. The garnishing is done using cucumber, parsley, and scallions.

Summing Up

Vietnamese dishes are truly the most delicious and captivating all over the world. With its flavorful herbs, tasty dipping sauces, nutritious green veggies, seafood, and meat, it is definitely going to fulfill your taste buds.

Each listed cuisine is undoubtedly enjoyable, and no one can regret trying them for the first time. To make your vacation amazing and unforgettable in Vietnam, do visit our Dakao Hoang restaurant to enjoy the delicious dishes. You will have varieties of food options on the table which you are going to like and enjoy the most.

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