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Must-Try Jamaican Snacks Excellent for the Library

No student in the world has not consumed snacks during free time. Snacks are an essential part of student life for varied reasons. It is a brain food while studying, an energizing agent for full-day aids in keeping up blood sugar, and a perfect partner when one is in a library. Instead of consuming regular food, one must try and order Jamaican snacks online. If they are available offline, don’t hesitate and try one!

The Crunchy Section

When talking about Jamaican snacks, chips are healthy. Chips are cholesterol-free, gluten-free, have no trans fat or preservatives. People can snack on these without shame. Chips most common for a Jamaican snack time are:

  • Banana Chips

For any salt cravings in the body, a sweet and mushy treat is perfect. They are made from all-natural bananas and are a typical tropical snack. These chips are crispy on biting but melt immediately when going into the mouth. One can find them in ready-made form.

  • Plantain Chips

While they might taste a little bit similar to a banana chip, these are different. Plantain chips are thinner and crispier. They are darker in color too.

  • Sweet Plantain Chip

It’s the same plantain chip, but best for someone who loves their food sweet rather than salty.

Savory Dish

  • Cocktail Patties

These patties are much loved in Jamaica. They are made with ground meat and a few veggies wrapped and seasoned in some crust. Usually, it is served with coco bread during mealtime. They have mini forms which are suitable for parties and occasional sacking. In meat, people use beef or chicken. For vegetarian eaters, vegetarian options are coming up too.

Chewy and Sweet yet Crumbly Section

Looking for something chewy and crumbly and don’t want to have chips? Here is the option.

  • Bun & Cheese

The bun and cheese are among the top three favorite Jamaican snacks. This bun comes in a loaf form. Then it is cut off into slices. The cheese is put in the middle, and a sandwich is made. Multiple options do not have cheese, according to the people’s preference. Small sandwiches are perfect for a student in the library as this keeps them full and energized and yet are not too bulky to carry.


This dish is also used as a dessert as it has elements that usual desserts contain. It is a coconut cake that includes raisins, coconut flakes, dried berries, and fruits. The sugar used is mainly brown, yet there are multiple ways to make it. As students do not have time to bake, they must order such Jamaican snacks online.

Fruit Drinks

All the snacks mentioned above can be complemented with delicious fruit drinks and sodas. Jamaican beverages do not have artificial flavors, making them both tasty and healthy. These drinks are low on sodium, sugar, and ultimately calories.


You might be sitting in the library, in any corner of the world, and yet find Jamaican snacks. Instead of snacking on regular food available, one must try and find a different snack. A library is a place where students like to carry heavy food on their stomachs and yet light to carry. The snacks mentioned above are easy and lightweight. If you cannot find these snacks in local areas, you can easily order Jamaican snacks online.

It is time to be snacking on everything that gives you energy and keeps you full!


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