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Must have 7 Bamboo Items for your Sustainable home

It’s not difficult to see that life on this little blue planet is much less green than it should be. There are many reasons for this, including whole forests being chopped down to meet the logging industry and oil leaking into our seas. In this article, we will look at the top 7 Bamboo Items for your Sustainable home More people are trying to reduce their environmental footprint by using public transport and eating veggies. It is important to choose greener products when you want to live more sustainably. This could also mean:

  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Long-lasting products
  • Zero-waste options are those that can be recycled, or even composted at their end rather than going to landfill.

Better material for the planet

We would love to have a magic wand that could make every product durable, affordable, recyclable/compostable at the end of their useful lives, and made from environmentally friendly materials. Unfortunately, we don’t have this magic wand. If we had that magic wand, it would be made of materials that meet all these criteria like bamboo and hemp.

What makes bamboo eco-friendly?

Let’s get right into it by explaining why bamboo is the best choice for future purchases.

The planet needs healing

Pollution is a serious threat to Mother Earth and all life on it. Pollution renders soil infertile, making it more difficult for people to breathe. It is even connected to natural disasters. Bamboo is one of the most effective plants in fighting pollution and the crisis it causes. Although it is not a perfect solution to actually lowering pollution levels, it is a good start. These are just a few of the many ways that bamboo plants can help heal the planet.

1. Regenerating soil and eliminating toxins: If soil is damaged by pollution or poor farming practices it can become infertile, or even dead. These areas are not ideal for bamboo, which is one of few plants that can thrive.

  • Re-seed the topsoil after its nutrient-rich leaves have fallen off.
  • Trap any toxic substances (e.g., lead, mercury) from the soil.

2. Making the air breathable: All plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen through photosynthesis. It is possible to overlook the fact that bamboo can do this four times better than hardwood trees.

A resource that is rapidly renewable

Bamboo is a type of grass. After five years, the plant matures to maturity depends on the species. The stalk base is where the bamboo grows from its full maturity. It can then be harvested. It grows quickly so it’s better to use it for products than using hardwoods that take years to grow, metals from the core of the earth, and plastics made from oil-depleting resources.

The top 7 bamboo products for your house

1. Bamboo toilet paper

Bamboo toilet paper is a great option for those who care about the environment. It conserves water and prevents deforestation. It is the best alternative to a bidet.

2. Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo bed sheets Australia are a fairly new product and not many people know about them. Like the other products on this list, they are environmentally friendly as they are made from bamboo fibres. But the main benefits of bamboo sheets are their comfort, durability, and health benefits. Firstly, bamboo sheets are softer than traditional bedding materials like cotton. Secondly, they are also more durable, bamboo sheets will last longer than other sheets. Lastly, bamboo sheets are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic making them best option for those with allergies.

3. Bamboo floors

Because bamboo flooring is so appealing to the three Bs (Beauty, Brawn, and Brains), more people are choosing to have bamboo floors installed in their homes than ever before. Are you still skeptical? Let’s get more in-depth.

The flooring will suit any design scheme. For a more natural look, you can opt for thick bamboo planks in their natural state. Modern homes can reap the many benefits offered by bamboo floors. Beautiful, whitewashed planks such as Rustic Ivory Bamboo Hardwood Flooring can brighten any space and bring life to dark furniture. Apart from this, the combination of Bamboo Flooring and Hemp Fabric Curtains is bliss. Try that

4. Bamboo straws

Plastic drinking straws can be a problem in today’s modern world. Americans consume an estimated 500,000,000 things each day. There is no method to recycle them. Many end up in oceans where they can do irreparable harm to marine life. You can now ditch them and find bamboo ones that fit in your bag, or even in your kitchen drawer. You can enjoy all your smoothies, soy milkshakes, and sodas with their antibacterial characteristics.

5. Bamboo Toothbrushes

There are two billion disposable toothbrushes in the world that end up in landfills each and every year. However, you don’t have to give up brushing your own teeth. They can be used for longer than the recommended 3 months. Bamboo toothbrushes can be recycled with BPA-free bristles. They also come in a compostable handle and packaging.

6. Bamboo solar battery

With 90% of Americans reporting symptoms of Low Batteries Anxiety, many people don’t like being off-grid. A solar-powered bamboo battery charger can help you overcome this fear and protect the environment. It offers twice the eco-friendliness of a single product. You don’t have to worry, it’s gentle. It’s not the place where you want to sacrifice softness.

7. Bamboo on-the-go utensils

Many eco-friendly people find disposable cutlery to be one of their most annoying items. They don’t think twice about using a fork at work to eat their lunch or checking the utensil availability in a cafe before they order. You don’t feel secure if you have a metal knife in your purse. This is where bamboo cutlery comes in – sealed with an All-natural, vegan, safe for food. It can be stored in a bag and washed with clean water.

Be greener every day.

This year, you can make a small effort to be more earth-friendly by using these amazing bamboo products and avoiding products from less sustainable sources. It is possible to make small changes in our daily lives to be more environmental-friendly, such as avoiding plugging our laptops into the wall, using shorter showers, and all of the other suggestions in this video.

Participate in your community’s green initiatives. Local environmental group. They’ll be aware of the problems (i.e. illegal dumping, inadequate recycling locations) and will be working to resolve them. You can also contact your local elected official to discuss these issues and get their opinion. It is now up to each of you at home.

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