Multiply Hospitality Sales with dynamic strategies

Not only start-ups but well-established businesses need to reinvent working techniques in order to increase Hospitality Sales.

Hospitality surrounds human existence, and every kind of business needs to cherish clients and consumers. No wonder it is that huge budgets are spent on amusements and exhibitions, parties and vacations. Publicity and a variety of materials are uploaded continuously over the internet and television and print. Similarly, it is selling that the business world is all about, whether it is food or aircraft. Hospitality and sales combine in the thousands of global hotel chains, whether in fairy tale mountain resorts, cruise ships or amidst the urban high-rises. How does one launch or enhance Hospitality Sales amidst the infinite competition?

Cater to 21st-century ideologies!

While the nature of human existence has remained virtually the same across the centuries, new obsessions now arise. Saving the planet, controlling global warming and climate change are perhaps first on the list. Recycling and veganism are other philosophies that have attracted lots of followers for apparent reasons. Waste of food, linen, and paper is widespread amidst the lush hotels that charge sky-high prices. Saying goodbye to single-use plastics is not an easy task either.

Can hospitality chains incorporate some of these ideas into the organization? They certainly can and must be seen attempting that.

The nature of the now hospitality customer

Besides being technically smart, molded by the surroundings, the hotel visitors are discriminating and rational, insisting on the best services at reasonable rates. So competitive is the market that the prices need to be rather specific with quality services and discounts or clients are lost.

While food and accommodation may be first on the list, several associated services of travel and tourism make it a global billion-dollar market. Add the health and beauty services, sports and surfing, conference facilities and it is a veritable business empire within a few acres of prime real estate, perhaps on the beach or amidst the jungle!

Hospitality Sales

Local and personalized hospitality services with healthy options like organic food and indigenous treatments are current trends. Wishing to break away from the hard daily grind of work and study, customers seek the exotic and the mysterious. That is easier said with a natural preference for nearby tourist destinations with the family in tow. What cannot be achieved in reality would supplement the digital wonders of AI, AR, and VR!

Digital detox sessions apart, almost everybody would wish that technology is embedded in the hotel experience. The first contacts may have been through smartphones. A variety of apps for bookings and room services would keep the phone busy. Perhaps only the processors inside computers could rival the little phones in their powerful impact upon humanity.

Where business and leisure find a meeting place  

People congregate in many locations like the essential shopping and administrative and political headquarters. Along with business needs like meetings and exhibitions, parties and conferences, hotels serve leisure and amusement needs for the whole family.

Many hotels present the Disneyland fantasy world look, complete with facilities for pets too.

While hotels and restaurants come in many configurations, all of them would do well with CRM software and consulting with the industry experts. Neither of these may have been needed without the intense competition. Rising populations and increasing affluence have resulted in more exquisite hospitality services. Coming out of traditional shells, families dine out more often and embark to annual vacation hotspots, perhaps in the middle of the ocean or amidst the desert. Change is temporary though, and it is soon a recharged return to the mundane and the real.

In an age of direct messaging services like Whatsapp and so many more, the hospitality industry is a great winner. Close contact has helped the hotels and the restaurants flourish in better ways. Internet of Things got very significant in the home as it is in the hotel systems. Social media like the glue binds communities together and praise for the food or the rooms would spread like a viral video online and attract further customers.

Consultants to weld all the techniques together

By playing the safe game amidst all the security and privacy concerns, expert advice and suggestions would clear up many mysteries. In a hospitality industry scenario that is always in a state of flux, the ground appears to sink beneath the feet sometimes. Everybody is not so conscientious, and some organizations may adopt mean and illegal tactics. Digital technology has many valuable answers and analytics would reveal many truths. A few blessings would come from those who have made the hospitality industry their home.

Look forward to the Hospitality Sales figures showing a regular increase with the adoption of refurbished strategies.

Author bio: The writer witnessed the dawn of digital technology in the hospitality industry over three decades. She recommends the dedicated services of to boost Hospitality Sales.

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