We, the world allied mover and packers, have been active in this industry for many years. Our employees work every day to ensure that our customers can easily move to Lahore. But our moves abroad are also going smoothly. But no matter how big the move is, the right planning is important. This preparatory work makes every move a breeze.


Before the move even takes place, a few things have to be settled much earlier. The customer must first cancel all contracts related to the apartment. Such as GIS fees, cable TV, Internet, etc. He should also give his new address to companies that regularly send him bills, such as insurance companies. If the customer does not have a new apartment or he is simply on vacation for a few months until he is looking for a new apartment, he needs a suitable warehouse for his household. A lot of small things have to be done before the move can even be planned. We will be happy to help you plan your move with our specialist knowledge.


You can get advice from us over the phone at any time. If that doesn’t seem too much for you, we’d be happy to come by and help with the planning on-site. During this conversation the move to lahoreworked through step by step together with the customer. First, the removal goods are assessed and it is clarified who should dismantle and assemble the furniture. Each customer can do this himself or let our craftsmen do the work. It is also estimated how much packaging material is needed. The packaging material is delivered by us free of charge and picked up again within Lahore. An important point that is clarified during the tour is the parking space situation. If there are no parking spaces, we will apply for a no-parking zone and set it up in good time. As a customer, we will send you the cost estimate in writing by email after the inspection. Just give us a call and arrange a free and non-binding inspection with us!

world allied mover

World Allied Movers is professional packers, movers, and transportation services company. Our customers benefit from a keen combination of logistics- and forwarding services, including a clear, fast, and flexible execution achieved by simplifying the process chain and minimizing the number of involved parties.

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