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Motorola one fusion plus Features

Motorola one fusion plus Features

In this post let’s do the unboxing and the review of the motorola one fusion plus smartphone. Motorola had drifted out of relevance in the last few years but is back now with a revised strategy by launching the one fusion i had my hands on it for quite some time now.And I will share my experience with it. So let’s get started so now as for the unboxing this is all that we get in the box.

physical overview:

The Motorola one fusion plus comes with a 6.5 inch ips LCD full HD full view display which is hdr 10 certified and then an earpiece. On the top, the back and the frame of the phone are made out of polycarbonate. We then have a quad-camera setup with a single led flash on the back out of which one is a regular 64 megapixels having 1.8 aperture. we have the 8 megapixel ultra wide camera then the 5 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera there’s also a fingerprint scanner on the back .So on the right hand side.

We have the power on-off button the volume buttons and a dedicated button to fire up the google assistant whereas the left hand side is kept clean.The top of the phone houses a hybrid sim card tray and a 16 megapixel pop-up selfie camera. The bottom there is a usb type c port for charging the main microphone speaker then a headphone jack as for the internals. The motorola one fusion plus is equipped with the latest snapdragon 730 g processor then adreno 618 gpu coupled with six gigs of ram and 128 gb of storage. So this all runs on android 10 os and powering all this is a 5000 mah battery.


The is LCD full HD display fitted in the Motorola 1 fusion plus looks really good. But it’s not the best displays out there the screen refresh rate is a normal 60 hertz but I really wish they had at least given us a 90 hertz refresh rate the fact that it doesn’t have a punch hole or a cutout for the camera. It gives you an immersive full view experience. while watching videos and playing games which is a treat. So everything on the screen looks alive with vibrant colors and high contrast the sunlight visibility was decent and although. I didn’t face much of a problem while using it I wish it was a bit brighter. Overall the motorola has fitted a really good quality display and you would love the display.


on the one fusion plus a good performance is always a demand in the mid-range segment. The motorola one fusion plus delivers here the qualcomm snapdragon 730 chipset coupled with six gigs of ram. And the motorola tweaked the stock version of the android 10 leads to a very good performance on par with most of its competitors the phone is fast and smooth in daily usage whether. I was juggling between email apps and some browser apps or others. The one fusion plus did not show any leg or stutter so even after extensive use of the phone.I didn’t face any issues now it became very hot the one fusion plus also adds to the experience with its amazingly loud main speaker which is helpful in during gaming as for the ip rating.

It doesn’t have any so you need to keep that in mind as for the fingerprint scanner which is located on the back of the phone. I didn’t face any problem with it while unlocking the phone and it unlocked almost 98 of the time. So i feel the fingerprint scanner is quite fast and reliable as for gaming.

Software experience:

The motorola tweaked ui base android 10 has no ads no bloatware it’s very clean and close to stock android just the way i like it not many devices in this price range of an ad 3. And a bloatware free experience it does come with some useful moto action gestures which work flawlessly and i happen to use them most of the times the implementation of the always-on display or the moto pic display.

Which they call it shows small icons of the notification you receive and i found it very useful besides this the motorola only features and the Motorola game time. Which block incoming notifications while gaming rl rate additions the ram management is also done really well and I didn’t face any restarting of apps in the background when I switched between different apps. So overall the my UX skin on the Motorola one fusion plus is a total win it doesn’t take away the android 10 features and the additions are actually useful and worth exploring.


It is powered with a 5000 mah battery and man this thing is amazing the battery lasted easily up to one & a half to two days for me. This included both wifi and 4g connection a few calls a little bit of gaming and lots of social media browsing with extensive gaming eyes the battery life takes a hit. But on a whole, this is easily a phone that can last you more than a day. If the battery drains out then the 18v turbo powered fast charge technology lets you choose up the phone in zero two hundred percent in approximately two hours.If you would like to read on the other 5 Best earphone under 500 please click here.

Cameras :

One fusion plus features a 64 megapixel sensor on the back with an f 1.8 aperture lens the 64 megapixel sensor produces highly detailed photos with vibrant colors and noodles of sharpness in brightly lit situations sometimes. The photos look a bit oversaturated but retain the details the color profile is closer to natural tones but there’s a slight warm tint visible in some scenarios. But needless to say, the photos look always eye pleasing as the light level drops. The one fusion plus keeps the colors a right but starts struggling with details subjects lose sharpness in different conditions and indoors.

In night conditions i was impressed to see how well the one fusion plus manages to keep the colors look closer
to what my eyes saw but details take a bit hit switching. In the night region and you get to see a lot of stuff in the darkness but the colors take a slight hit now turning to the ultrawide lens. It offers a wider field of view and it has a different color tone than the primary sensor hence the photos always look a tad dull when compared to the same shot with the main camera the wide angle photos.Read also:Best Fast Mobile Charger In India (2021)

SO Conclusion:

So finally as for my verdict the motorola one fusion plus ends up being an all-rounded package for the price itself. If you’re in the market for a smartphone with an excellent battery life a good display a decent set of cameras and an ad free and upload free software experience the fusion plus is the way to go surely. It looks and feels quite old and got a bit half to it but that’s the compromise motorola chose in order to offer a phone that’s. So high on value apart from this the one fusion plus is a no-brainer choice for 17 000 Indian rupees. So guys that’s it for the post and I really hoped you liked it

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