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Most valuable solutions for your annual gas boiler service

This is the time of year, and for gas boiler service and repairs, calls come up quickly. Here are some decisions to make this year and stick to keeping your boiler and heater running all the time.

Types of the most useful gas boilers

The first consideration is what type of boiler to choose with a regular gas supply, you have three options to choose the best boiler for your home.

Combi boiler

This modern central heating boiler provides heating and hot water on request.

Conventional boiler

This is a common installation with a boiler and hot water tank and often with a cold-water tank in the attic. They disappear when more people are looking for a combination boiler.

System boiler

This is where you just have a regular boiler without a cold-water tank. This is a closed system, comparable to a combination. The combination boiler is very popular because it only heats up when you ask for water or heating, saving you money and space because no extra tanks are needed.

The right size of the boilers

Next, we need to understand the requirements that you place on your boiler. Do you see how often you turn on the heating and is it controlled in every room? How often do you take a bath or shower and how many people are in the house?

We can help you choose the best boiler size for your home. Some of the best steam boilers produce about 16 liters per minute but remember that if you use two showers at the same time, it will be 8 liters each, adding a third water requirement will further reduce this.

Water pressure

If your area has low water pressure, we have to select specific boilers for you. They can handle low water pressure and will nevertheless give you warm water. They often include a pump, so you can finally enjoy a power shower.

Check thermostats Just check if your thermostats are working properly.

Take the thermometer to the room where your thermostat is located and compare the measurement results. If you have individual room thermostats, you should check them all. While doing this, can you make adjustments according to our temperature blog to get it right when heating your home?

Get gas boiler service

Regular Vaillant gas boiler service certainly extends its lifespan. Our blog for your boiler – why? It will help you better understand the reasons for this.


These are signs of danger. If you see or experience any of these signs, turn off the boiler and call for help immediately. It could potentially save your life.

  • Black soot or stains in or around the boiler
  • The indicator light (usually illuminated blue) turns yellow
  • strange smell
  • Strong condensation in the room where the boiler is located

All of these symptoms could indicate a gas leak or the build-up of deadly carbon monoxide, which could lead to coma and death. Please don’t ignore them.

These signals are less urgent but nevertheless require immediate attention to avoid a possible disaster.

  • to leak
  • Repeated attacks of pressure loss
  • Strange boiler noises
  • Heating varies from room to room
  • Hot water becomes intermittent or becomes cold.

Heating and hot water can still work, and you may feel you can live with it for a while, but soon the situation will worsen and cost you more. Get a boiler repair now

Indicates that it is time to replace the boiler

These signs are signs that it’s time to stretch your wallet and completely replace the gas boiler. Do not worry, there are many positive points when replacing the boiler.

  • Age if your boiler is older than 10 years and certainly up to 15 years old.
  • If your bills have increased despite no wider use
  • Repair becomes a normal thing
  • Heating is not as hot or hot water is warmer than hot
  • If you have added an extension to your home or if you have more residents, add additional requirements to your boiler

There are some schemes that can help you purchase a new boiler if you are entitled to it. In general, it makes sense to face the situation and update your boiler. This will save you money and keep your home warm and comfortable.

Check, switch and save with your utility company

Many people don’t bother to check how much they pay for fuel, they just moan at the price. Check annually if you can save by switching suppliers. This is quite easy to do, see Go Compare or Moneysaving Expert or something similar. Our blog is about saving gas and therefore money! It will also help you save money. Sarıkamış escort Gerger escort Gölhisar escort Gelibolu escort Şarkışla escort


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