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Most interesting features of Window 11 You Should Know About

In this main course, I am going to take an in-depth look at the insider preview of Windows 11 Microsoft Now, anyone can get windows 11 of course if your hardware meets all of the system requirements, and from what I am experiencing Microsoft has a pretty high bar. In this blog post, we are going to look at the latest features of window 11 that are new including the Microsoft store Settings, the new file explorer widgets, and the list goes on.

windows 11



Let’s talk about the first major change and this is probably the most obvious when you log on to windows 11 and you’ll see my taskbar is now center-aligned so it looks kind of similar to what you might expect with mac OS or chrome OS now this is a fairly major change and I think Microsoft realized that maybe some people won’t like it so it’s actually very easy to shift it back over to the left-hand side here you could right-click on the taskbar and you’ll see taskbar settings.

When you click on this opens up the settings screen and at the very bottom there’s something called taskbar behaviors and when you click on that you can change the alignment back over to the left. So, it looks more similar to previous versions of windows.



The next main feature of window 11 is the start menu and here you can access it by clicking on the windows logo icon up and you will see all of your pinned apps and you can customize what this view looks like. You can simply press and hold on to one of these apps and you can move it to a new position. You could also take an app and you could drag it to the next page of pinned apps and you could place that down at the bottom. If I click into all apps you will see all of the different apps. You could right-click on them and you could pin it to start now if you go back to my start view. You will see that app you just added to start once again you could press and hold and you will pull it to the previous view. In this way you could customize exactly the set of apps that appear down below. You have the option to customize files like word excel and PowerPoint files that you have recently worked on. So it’s kind of like the recent view.


Windows 11 now makes it a lot easier to set up virtual desktops and to be fair this is something you could do in windows 10 but it wasn’t as easy to find and you also couldn’t personalize it as much now it’s really easy to find there’s an icon right down on the taskbar and when you click on this you can see all of the different desktops you will click on new desktop and now you have two and you can click on the text and maybe you want this first desktop to have all of your work apps.

So maybe you have a word and excel and then for this other desktop you could click on the name and maybe you call this play or you will have a game open and maybe you will browse the web there. Then you will click into the second desktop on your new desktop and you’ll see that none of your apps are currently open so it’s basically a clean slate for you to open different apps and windows and you can also personalize what this experience looks like you will right-click on the desktop and you will select personalize. In this feature of Windows 11, you can also select different backgrounds for this virtual desktop now when you click on virtual desktops you could very easily differentiate them from one another.



We talked about the features of windows 11 but one option or setting that’s not available here for the taskbar you can no longer change the size of the icons. In past versions of windows, you could have small icons, medium or large icons here in this version of windows you just have a default size. Now I don’t know if it’s just with this insider preview that the settings are just not available yet or whether it’s being cut altogether but I do like the default size of the icons. So for me, it’s not really a deal-breaker. The Limits in windows 11 is less than the windows 10.



First of all I want to inform that please be aware from fake websites and do not download windows 11 from the suspicious websites. If you try to do so, your computer can be hacked and all your personal data can be leaked so please download it from only authentic website which you can trust and sure about. I suggest you to wait till the official announcements and then buy it from Microsoft website. Again, please do not go after the cheap rates. Instead go after the authentic and secure thing.  You should also know that windows 11 already got the huge attention from the audience because of it’s awesome features. You don’t need to install the blue stack software in order to play the android apps on the computer because windows 11 already gave you this option. Feeling happy? Then do not wait for this awesome window and buy it as soon as it’s available in the market. If you need any help contact windows 11 developer.



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