Money Guide in Ultimate Drift Hunters – Did You Know?

We will go through how to make money in Drift Hunters in this post. So you can enjoy the greatest drifting simulation this game has to offer as soon as you unlock all of your favorite vehicles.

One of the top free-to-play online games of the last ten years is Drift Hunters, which has shown to be excellent. Due to its unique drifting style, gorgeous automobiles, and rich circuits that set it apart from other drift games on the market, it has maintained its dominance over the competition.

The game is renowned for having a large selection of drift vehicles, including the greatest Nissan GTR and Porsche 911 as well as the vintage Toyota AE86. All drifting aficionados worldwide may play the game. Here is our list of all the vehicles offered by Drift Hunters, which will assist you in selecting the ideal drift vehicle for your preferences.

When you launch Drift Hunters from our department of car games. With 25,000 CR and a nice Toyota AE86, you get things going. Although you have a financial cap of 25,000 CR, you are free to spend it all on upgrades and other automobiles.

Soon, you’ll wish you had more cash. For this reason, we advise becoming good at drifting in the game and learning how cars behave. In the long term, it will assist you in unlocking all of the vehicles and their upgrades.


Combos/Multipliers are the key to making money in Drift Hunters. Many players make mistakes at this stage, losing their chances at winning combinations and receiving lower payouts. The Drift Hunters rewards follow a simple mathematical formula:

Example: The payout is 10,000 CR if we earn 1,000 drift points in a session but with a 10x multiplier. In this game, you may reach up to 16x multipliers with enough skill and persistent drifting to get the maximum prize. Your skill set and knowledge base play a big role.

But there’s a catch! Other than a road or an asphalt surface, you can’t drift correctly over grass or sand. On grass and sand, you do get some drift points, but they are quite few compared to those on roads and asphalt. Which suggests that if you’re drifting, you need to remain on the road since else the other surfaces could drive you into a wall or side rail accident. Unexpectedly, the game does permit the retention of points even after a crash. Which is really useful if you’ve been drifting to the 10,000,000 points for hours on end. However, in the process, you forfeit the hard to get combinations and multipliers.

But if you become good at drifting in this game. Then you’re in luck since it will now be simple for you to make money in this game.

How much money are we going to need to unlock every car?

The total price of all the vehicles in the game is 1,367,900 credits.

Here are the vehicles, their costs, and the overall cost:

Toyota AE86 (0 CR) + Datsun 240Z (8 500 CR) + Nissan 240 SX (10 500 CR) + BMW M3 (12 800 CR) + Mitsubishi Evolution (14 700 CR) + Subaru WRX (15 100 CR) + BMW M3 (17 500 CR) + Nissan Silvia 240SX (19 800 CR) + Nissan Silvia S15 (24 200 CR) + Honda S2000 (25 500 CR) + Mazda RX7 (29 400 (134,300 CR)
Overall: 1,367,900 CR

Now that we are aware of how Drift Hunters’ rewards system works. Let’s go through the best strategies to raise the drift points and reward in detail.

Combinations and multiples

As we covered in the article’s prior sections. All of the rewards for Drift Hunters are dependent on combos and multipliers. It takes more than a strong drift beginning to get the benefits. Nevertheless, if you can master long-term drifting. You’ll be able to reap some substantial rewards.

Depending on your skill level, the Combos and Multipliers may go up to 16x from a starting 1x. There are several tracks where drifting on a straight road is required. While driving, you may exploit this to your advantage by alternating sides. You can maintain the drift and the multiplier by doing this. You may improve your rewards and maintain multipliers by using the advice we’ve provided below.


The “WallTap” function is the greatest kept secret in the game for receiving incredible prizes.

Many individuals are unaware of this feature. We first believed it to be a glitch but quickly realized it was a fantastic opportunity to earn a lot of money and game points.

Describe WallTap. In order to use the WallTap function, you must be drifting while touching a wall or a side railing with the back of the vehicle.

Although difficult to grasp, this function offers substantial rewards. Depending on how long you can stay in touch with a wall while drifting, the multiplier may go up to 60x from a starting value of 20x. If you want to be the Drift King of this game for a very long time, mastering this method will be difficult but highly helpful. In this game, this is the quickest method to earn money and drift points.


In the game, there are 4 phases to taking a lengthy and satisfying drift.

  • Step 1: Starting the Drift: In order to start the drift, you must first accelerate by hitting the Up or Left arrow, depending on which direction you want to steer in.
  • Step 2: Sustaining the Drift: In this step, you must give the vehicle enough power and steering input to keep it in a drifting position. Don’t forget to use the brakes if you unintentionally throttle too much.
  • Step 3: Changing Drift Direction: Changing your current direction while drifting is what this step entails. In Japan, this method is known as “Manji.” In this point, you may utilize a lot of throttle.
  • Step 4: Exiting the Drift: This step is crucial. Apply the proper amount of counter-steer in the direction the vehicle is going to bring the steer direction to the centre. After the vehicle has finished drifting, you will have total control over it if you do it this way.

The Best Sustainable Drifting Advice

Slow and steady wins the race. While it may seem tedious, gradually throttling the vehicle through bends and twists while steadily gaining speed can be useful. You’ll be able to keep the automobile under control and the drift multiplier active.

Continue traveling

We advise continuing on the highway. because it generates the most drift points and makes driving on roads in the game relatively simpler. Due to the slick physics of the road, if you drive off the path, you run the risk of crashing or experiencing a significant slowdown of the vehicle. As a result, make every effort to remain on the road.

Changing From Side To Side

In this game, switching sides as soon as you see the “Ready For Combo” symbol is the best method to construct combinations. Switch to the left side if you’re drifting right, and vice versa.

The term “Manji” refers to this method of drifting. You will benefit much if you are drifting on a straight route with little opportunity to veer off course. You can maintain the drift multipliers with the aid of Manji.

Choosing the Correct Course

However, how much you’ve played the game will determine this. The goal is to practice drifting on a single track until you are proficient in every bend and curve. Depending on how serious you are into the game, this can take some time, but the rewards will be substantial.


Every track in the game allows you to do effective drifts. However, a track without side rails or walls on the roadways will maximize your prizes. You have complete freedom to leave the road and then return. It has a significant advantage over densely populated tracks and allows for extended, fantastic drifts.

The greatest songs for both beginning and experienced players will be discussed next:

Favorite Tracks for New Players

Beginner riders will benefit from tracks with side rails and barriers that are less tightly packed to the road, giving the player more freedom to travel.


The finest Drift Hunters introductory track is Docks. Docks offers a large ground area that lets you get used to the game’s drifting characteristics. while providing all of the game’s track features. For the more difficult courses in the game, you may practice drifting on this track.


Due to the few side rails and lack of side walls, Tyshen is an ideal track for novices. As a result, you are free to leave the road at any moment and return.


Emashi’s many curves and twists make it an excellent circuit for drifting. After conquering the Docks and Tyshen track, you may tackle this moderately challenging track.

Favorite Tracks for New Players

The Best Tracks For Expert Players

Tracks with densely populated side railing and walls will be advantageous to advanced players who are acquainted with the game’s automobile behavior. A lot of points and rewards may be earned by experienced players by using the “WallTap” function.


A fantastic track to experiment with the “WallTap” function is Stadium. You have the chance to get a high score and prize since the barriers are so near to the track road.


The first track in the game, Nishuri, is one of the greatest for learning and experimenting with the “WallTap” and “Manji” techniques.


You can perfect the side-to-side switching skill on Dust, a short track. Nevertheless, the railroad is completely blocked off. In this game, you may hone your drifting skills.
Take it easy and move slowly.

Of course, among the 10 songs in the collection, you may discover one that matches your drifting preferences. Verify all the tracks, then locate your own drift playground.


We really hope that this tutorial has provided you with some useful information that will enable you to play Drift Hunters profitably and amass your own collection of exquisite automobiles.

If you want to get the ideal drifting vehicle that will complement your taste. You may read our in-depth post on all the vehicles in Drift Hunters.

Check out our list of the Drift Hunters automobiles if you liked this post and want to raise your score even higher.


Check out our list of the drift hunters automobiles if you liked this post and want to raise your score even higher.

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