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Mobile Applications and the Transformation of Industries during Covid-19

The proliferation of Covid-19, as we all know, has caused significant health and humanitarian crisis all over the world and has also affected various industries in undesirable ways. As the crisis unfolded, countless industries collapsed, and many faced significant financial losses that were difficult to recover. But, as a Chinese proverb states, with problems come opportunities; there were some that came along with this pandemic. While human interaction was restricted by standard operating procedures; people found new ways to build connections with others and also keep their businesses up and running.

Research conducted on the Pandemic 2019 by dissertation writers from British Dissertation Help suggested that it was only the application development industry that took the surge in this global crisis and that also revamped the overall performances of many industries. Despite the disease outbreak, businesses have been able to flourish and grow by overcoming business challenges with the help of personal applications. Though service providing applications existed before the pandemic, too, the increase in its deployment has been drastic over the last few years. Industries have taken a step into the digital world to explore new methods for growth and development.

The application Zoom, developed for official meetings and virtual gatherings, alone hit the 3.2 Million mark in downloads, only in a months’ time. Even though Skype existed before that for video calling, but Zoom was developed for a better user experience and improved features. Regardless of the platform these applications were built for; it is an undeniable fact that they really helped humans build bridges again. This is exactly why almost every industry in this time has its own mobile application to serve its customers.

Let us learn how different industries have benefitted from this incredible technological concept.

Healthcare Industry

Talking about income and growth, healthcare industries are the ones that function under all circumstances for the essential role they play in our lives. Healthcare is the basic need of each individual, and so, even the global economic crisis could not impact it much. It is the industry that has incorporated technology the most to facilitate people by treating various diseases and health problems through machines and medical devices.

Healthcare and Medical service applications have been built to connect suffering people with relevant medical departments. Since visits to hospitals or any human interaction would pose a threat to everybody’s lives. Virtual communication between the doctor and patients was necessary so that health issues could be addressed without any delay. Through these applications, individuals have been able to consult medical experts and perform possible treatments at home. Healthcare applications did not only assist millions of people by providing them cure instantly but also saved a huge chunk of their income that they had to spend on their regular visits to the doctor.

These applications have been developed with various features apart from linking patients to doctors. Such as chatbots and other customer help features that can answer the queries of the users and provide crucial medical information. These apps can also be used to keep a record of the person’s medical history so that they can be guided accordingly in the future.

These intelligent healthcare applications also proactively provide the users with recommendations and suggestions on adopting a hygienic routine to stay safe from threatening diseases.

Food Industry

The most running industry, and on which humans primarily survive, is the food industry. With the rapidly rising coronavirus cases, the restaurants had to close down to maintain social distancing and mitigate the risks of the virus spreading. It has been a massive challenge for food outlets as they lost customers, thereby incurring unrecoverable losses.

With the development of applications, it has been possible for restaurants to deliver food to their customer’s doorstep. Not only has the food business benefitted from the situation by not having to bear other expenses such as utilities. But the customers have also been able to enjoy delicious meals in a safe environment. Apart from that, all the services are just a tap away. Having restaurant food at home had never been this convenient. There also exist online services that can deliver groceries at home. Users have to place their orders on the applications and have their groceries delivered within an hour.

Undoubtedly, the facilitation and unmatched convenience that these data-driven applications have provided humans have greatly helped the industries recover and function like before.


Educational Industry

Education is a basic necessity of each individual for personal growth and development. Since physical classes in schools and colleges had been suspended due to the prevalent global pandemic. Educational institutes quickly shifted to new techniques of teaching. This ensured that students do not completely disconnect from learning.

E-learning applications and platforms like Coursera, Udemy. Dissertation Writing Service and Google Classrooms have allowed teachers and students to interact once again and not let the global crisis disrupt the flow of learning. Though in the beginning online method was not as effective, but with time, individuals are getting the hang of it. Users have to place their orders on the applications and have their groceries delivered within an hour.

Many people have learned new concepts and acquired skills through e-learning software and applications, which has not only saved their money but also their time. A lot of people have made the most of this opportunity by utilizing these online resources.


Entertainment Industry

Considering that most people opt for virtual entertainment through their smartphones or televisions. The entertainment industry experienced a boost in the global pandemic. With people spending most of their time indoors, glued to their sofas. Entertainment right in their palms made life a lot easier. Binge-watching light shows with the family have become a thing. To counter loneliness and depression, people found a way to relax and distract their minds from negative thoughts.

Although the pandemic situation brought along major drawbacks for everyone on the globe. It also opened new doors of opportunity for the people.


The global economy is embarking on a digitalized journey fueled by the ongoing pandemic. With the mobile app development industry positioned as the frontrunner.

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