Mistakes to avoid while taking Divorce as Parents


A study conducted by the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health showed that teenage kids are more at risk of experiencing their parents’ separation or divorce. They might even build psychosomatic symptoms, which could be harmful in the long term. 

Researchers even say that living in separate homes can be stressful for teens. However, this could be managed if they maintain a close relationship with both parents. 

Although children of any age can suffer through the negative consequences of separation, a reputed Phoenix child support lawyer believes divorcing parents can take certain steps that can help them avoid the unnecessary pressure buildup on their kids. 

Read on to the mistakes that you as a parent can avoid while taking divorce.

  • Don’t use your kid as a counselor

It has often been witnessed that parents, be it unknowingly or knowingly, end up using their kids as a counsellor during their divorce process.

This is not appropriate, as it’s not just them but also the kids who have been going through the emotional distress of divorce. 

Taking help from friends and family to take out your angst and feelings is more advisable than using kids. 

  • Treating kids as a friend versus a parent

Divorce is stressful for parents too. They often just give in and work according to their kids’ demands to not gravitate to the other spouse as the primary parent. 

It is common for kids to be with a parent who doesn’t force them to go to school, keep their grades up, and the one who allows them to play when and where they want. 

But that is not what the jury would listen to. They work according to what’s in the best interest of the child. Hence, treating them as a parent is essential. 

  • Don’t treat them as pawns to avoid paying child support

Experienced Phoenix, child support lawyer, say they have often witnessed parents treating their child as a pawn and avoiding paying child support. This approach often backfires on parents, and they might be deprived of love and affection they could get from their child. 

  • Don’t force them to speak user duress

Texas family court says that a judge must speak with the child ageing 12 or more in a chamber if any of the partners or guardian or their attorney asks the judge to do so. But it is found that the judges aren’t inclined towards pushing the kids into such a scenario if they aren’t willing to talk to them. 


Going through a divorce can be stressful for everyone involved with it. But things can be more complex for a child when dealing with their parent’s separation. So to protect them and avoid using them, be it unknowingly or knowingly, make sure you take proper guidance from an experienced Phoenix child support lawyer

This is important because you might end your relationship as a couple, but as a parent, you are required to show maturity for the sake of protecting your child.


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