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In today’s time, everybody knows the importance of data preservation. It becomes very important when it comes to business. There is a manual method, the e-discovery, available to do this task, but it has some limitations. These limitations are as follows: it is a tedious method; this method is comprised of searching the respective content on the web and hence is a much time taking process, there is no surety of complete Microsoft 365 backup and so on. So, it would be safe to use the third-party tool instead. So, in this row, we are going to talk about Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool as a Microsoft 365 backup solution.

Professional Tool to Backup Microsoft 365 Backup Solution:

Shoviv Office 365 Backup and restore tool is one of the third-party tools to professionally achieve the O365 backup task. This is because it has so many highly technical features. Despite that, its GUI is so simple that users, whether they are technically sound or novice, can work on it that too with ease. This simple GUI gives a comfortable experience to the users while being a Microsoft 365 backup solution. First, let’s talk about its features to make you sure and more confident about the efficiency of this tool.

Prominent features of Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool

Backup in PST File Format:

Anybody who is an Office 365 user knows the value of a PST file. And here, in this tool, users get a PST file format to choose for saving the Microsoft 365 mailboxes. This file format can be easily openable in any version of Outlook.

Job-based application:

There is a need to add Office 365 account and backup directory once. Only once needed to create job and then the process of Microsoft 365 backup can be done in mere a click, consequently.

Filter options:

The filter based on various criteria is provided, for say, based on message class, date range, and folder filter. This feature proves to be very helpful when users want to filter out some specific item from the Office 365 mailbox. If users want to backup whole data, then they can skip them as well.

Incremental backup:

It may happen that you take your Microsoft 365 backup, and after that, some data adds to the respective mailbox. So, to refuse the backup of the whole mailbox once again, an incremental backup feature is given in this tool that prevents the backup from starting and presumes the process to back up the add-on data only.

Backup hardly deleted items:

Shoviv tool is also said to be the best Microsoft 365 Emails backup solution because using this tool users can back up the deleted items as well. Users only need to check the checkbox- “Export hard deleted items to ‘Deleted folder” and subsequently, the hardly deleted items will save in the deleted folder of the target PST.

Check the log report:

After the successful creation of the backup job, this tool shows the report having the details of the appointed job. These details can be analysed by the users to decide whether they should proceed ahead or go back to make changes.

Scheduled backup jobs:

Shoviv tool is one of the best utility as a Microsoft 365 backup solution because it provides automatic backup periodically. So, users do not need to worry about remembering that the backup task needed to be done. The backup task will be done at the time provided by users while creating a respective backup job.

There are many more features countless features in this tool. Users can experience those tools for free in the demo version. YES! You heard it right. This demo version allows users to backup or restores the first 50 items per folder. Now let us get into its working, how you need to proceed in this tool to achieve the task of backing up the Microsoft 365 mailboxes.

How to use Microsoft 365 Backup Solution: Shoviv Tool?

  • Firstly, download the Shoviv utility, install it on your PC/Laptop and open it.
  • Tap on Connect Office 365 on the ribbon bar, provide credentials and hit Next.
  • Click Backup Directory on the ribbon bar, provide the path, and press OK.
  • Enter into the Backup jobs wizard from the ribbon bar and follow the steps as given below:
  • Job Name: Give a name to the job, select the backup directory and project (you provided in the connect Office 365 wizard) and proceed with Next.
  • Select Mailboxes: select mailboxes that users want to back up by simply checking the check-box of the respective mailbox.
  • Item Filter: users can use these filters based on their prevailing requirements. Filters are available based on message class, date range, and folder filter.
  • Settings: Here, users can opt for the thread counts, split PST option, export hardly deleted items, connection attempts, and boost item fetching kinds of options.
  • Scheduler: This option facilitates users with the automatically periodic backups on the scheduled period. Users are needed to fill the occurrence, frequency, and duration of the scheduler for which they need the Shoviv tool to back up the Office 365 mailbox automatically. Hit OK when done suitably.
  • Status: Here, users can check the details related to the created project, created job, filter details. Users can proceed further by hitting finish if satisfied with the created backup job otherwise can go back to make changes.
  • Users are required to press the start backup job icon to start the backup job if chose “job run immediately after the finish”. Otherwise, the job will start, according to the scheduled period.

Have you seen how detailed and easy the Shoviv tool is being a Microsoft 365 backup solution?


After reading this blog, one would certainly be acquainted that how professionally, Microsoft 365 backup solution, the Shoviv tool is designed. Users can download this tool to use it in the demo version to experience the compatibility of the Shoviv Office 365 Backup tool. In the end, it is totally up to the users with which office 365 backup tool they want to proceed.

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