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Medion Erazer Crawler E10 15.6” Gaming Laptop Core i5 – Review

Medion Erazer Crawler E10 Review

If you are a gaming freak you might know the importance of a good gaming laptop, especially if you want to enjoy the gaming to the fullest. You need the best gaming laptop for the best gaming experience. Now which one is the best gaming laptop you ask? We will review one of the best laptops by Medion, to let you guys know what to expect from this gaming laptop.


Medion Erazer Crawler E10 is by far the best gaming laptop we have came across. It has powerful specs to make your gaming experience wonderful, plus, the beautiful display makes your gaming sessions more fun.


This Medion laptop is powered by Intel core i5 and has a strong 2.50 GHz processor, to give you the best and carefree operations. Run all your games and apps with super-fast speed and smoothness with its 8 GB RAM. Running out of space is not an issue now. Medion Erazer Crawler E10 has the humongous storage space of 512 GB SSD. You can complete your gaming collection, store unlimited songs or videos in it and never experience the lack of storage space.


A good display and picture quality are an important factors of making your gaming experience epic. This laptop has the huge 15.6 inch display. It is super smooth to look at. Plus, the thin bezel gives it more screen to body ratio. The picture quality and resolutions are great. It makes the experience more-lively.


It runs on NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650Ti graphics, which makes the game characters come to life. The graphics are great, and the lag is absolutely zero percent. You can play all your favourite high graphic open world games, with stunning graphics and no visual tearing at all. If you are a VR gaming fan, then brace yourself. It provides the epic VR gameplay with NVIDIA VRworks technologies. VR audio, physics and haptics are just amazing, they let you hear and feel every single moment.


The audio is great. With Dolby audio, it has in-built speakers and subwoofers which gives the best audio experience. The audio will make you feel like you are a part of the action inside the game. The shooting and firing sounds have never been this realistic.


It has the best looks with such great specs. The simple bold look with an Erazer logo etched at the back, it surely turns some heads when in public. The backlit RGB keyboard is great for gaming sessions, to create the perfect aura while gaming. This slim and sleek laptop is also super lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere you go with ease. It is not only slim and lightweight but also strong and durable. It can endure pressure and temperature changes, as well as dust and water spills.


The internet connections are marvellous with its Wi-Fi 6. It can connect to the internet even when the signals are spotty or weak. The Bluetooth 5.1 technology is best for the wireless connections of peripherals. Connecting of wireless game controllers, and wireless mice or headsets is super easy and responsive.


Medion has equipped this laptop with great cooling technology so it never gets heated up during a gaming session. The fan work is great it dissipates the heat quickly with minimum noise from the fans.


Well, what we got to know from this Medion Erazer Crawler E10 review, is that Medion has done it once again. The laptop is great for gaming as well as casual computing. It gets a two thumbs up from our side. To get yours, visit your tech guru today and get the best deals on gaming laptops


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