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Measuring Your Roller Blinds

When you first open a pattern book, the sheer number of materials available for Roller Blinds may seem a little overwhelming. You must choose Bravo Blinds to enter the space to make choosing your fabric easier. 

Do you need your room to be as dark as possible, or do you want as much light as possible? When it comes to light filtering, there are essentially just three basic types of fabric: “regular” fabrics, “dimout” fabrics, and “blackout” fabrics.

Measurement Guidelines for Inside Mount Roller Shades

Inside-mount roller blinds are positioned inside the window frame or casing; they offer a streamlined, modern appearance that can highlight the size and mouldings of your window. The instructions below should be followed if you’re interested in measuring for inside mount roller blinds.

  • Measure the depth of your window frame from the front of the aperture to the glass. This measurement will help you confirm that the window recess has the necessary depth for an inside mount. To confirm that your window satisfies the criteria for an inside mount, go to the mounting requirements section for the roller shade you’ve chosen.
  • Each window’s width should be measured. For roller blinds, merely take your width measurements at the top of the window.
  • Take three measurements of the window opening’s height: the left, the centre, and the right. Mark the measurement that is the tallest; this is the height of your window that you should enter.
  • Order with no adjustments to the precise opening size. Production will be reduced at the plant.
  • Make sure your measurements are in the width-by-height format by checking twice. (W x H).

How to Measure for Roller Shades with an Outside Mount

Roller blinds Perth with an outside mount are installed on the wall or window moulding. If an inside mount is not an option because of the depth of the window or impediments along the window frame, outside mount shades are an excellent alternative. To measure your windows for outside mount roller blinds, follow these easy steps:

  1. By looking at your roller blinds’ mounting specifications, ensure you have a good flat area for the mounting hardware.
  2. The width of the roller blinds you wish to buy should be determined. Determine how broad you want the fabric or material to be and add 3 inches to get the bracket-to-bracket width because the fabric will be thinner than the specified width.
  3. If your window is untrimmed, we advise adding two to three inches to each side to cover the light gap and give privacy. Mark these additions on both sides, then measure the distance in a straight line between them.
  4. Make sure your measurements are in the width-by-height format by checking twice (W x H). Remember that exterior mount roller blinds will be created according to the precise measurements you specify.


After taking measurements, go to the appropriate Roller blind product page to enter your information and finish placing your purchase. We will deliver your gorgeous new custom-fit roller blinds to your door in just a few weeks.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with staff specialising in Roller Blinds Perth if you have any questions about how to go about measuring we’ll be pleased to provide you with more detailed instructions.

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