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MC Number vs Dot Number: What Are the Differences?

Are you still confused about what number to use for your trucking company? Before your trucking business may legally operate, there are several requirements that you must fulfill. You may need to acquire an MC Number, DOT Number, or both.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is strict regarding compliance with its existing rules. Fortunately, a good number of DOT compliance services offer to assist companies in the trucking industry.

Continue reading to learn more about MC Number vs DOT Numbers.

What Is an MC Number?

Also known as a trucking or operating authority, an MC number is a legal identification number. For-hire truckers haul hazardous materials or interstate commerce (loads across state lines) commonly need an operating officer.

The MC number is not required for every interstate moving company. However, most of them do. Remember that you must secure a USDOT number if you are moving interstate.

Also, you must have an MC number if your company transports either passengers or federally regulated commodities.

What Is a Dot Number?

The United States Department of Transportation provides you with a DOT number or USDOT number for your vehicle if you are a trucking business that operates in the United States legally.

Upon registering your vehicle with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, you will be given this number. Commercial vehicles are identified by their DOT numbers.

MC Number vs DOT Numbers

Carrier’s DOT numbers allow trucks to be identified across state boundaries. MC numbers identify carriers that transport regulated commodities across state lines. MC numbers are generally required for items that have been changed from their natural state. It is up to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to determine whether MC or DOT numbers are needed.

The specifics of your trucking company, which are also recorded on websites like SAFE, will determine the type of authority you need. You must take into account the specifications for things like your GVWR. Also, you must obtain interstate jurisdiction if you want to operate only inside your state or if you’ll be an interstate carrier like a moving truck or a passenger carrier.

Again, all operators of commercial vehicles are required to get a DOT number and register with the FMCSA. The FMCSA’s regulations must be followed by all commercial vehicle drivers.

Some of the best interstate moving businesses require an MC number instead of a DOT number. An Operating Authority MC number is needed for moving and forwarding companies transporting passengers or regulated goods over state boundaries.

Get the Correct Number for Your Trucking Business

After learning much from the MC Numbers vs. DOT Numbers section, we head to our conclusion. Your company needs to be sure about what number it needs to acquire, whether it is an MC number, DOT number, or both.

If your commercial or other vehicles are not appropriately registered, the FMCSA will not hesitate to remove your authority.

By giving a proper amount of time to plan, your moving company will continue to provide its service for a very long time. If you feel that it would be best to ask for assistance from a company that offers DOT compliance services, then do so by all means.

Feeling Like a Pro?

There are definitely differences between an MC number vs DOT number, but it’s important to know that they are both essential for operating in the trucking industry.

If you’re not sure which number to display on your commercial vehicle, be sure to check with the FMCSA or DOT.

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