MBA after completing BA

MBA following BA – Which is the Right Choice?MBA after completing BA

Do I have the option of pursuing an MBA after completing my BA? This is a frequent question asked by BA graduates who wish to achieve success in Business Administration. Visit site now to get yourself cleared.

Every student has a pressing question to answer after graduating. While many undergraduate students choose courses that align with their bachelor’s specialization, others opt to enrol in universal programs, like MBA.

MBA is a course that can be completed by students in any discipline of study: Science, Commerce or Humanities. Only the specified under-graduation total percentage is needed to apply for a Masters of Business Administration.

This blog will help get a better understanding of the process in case you’re seeking answers to questions such as “Can I pursue an MBA after my BA” or “Can MBA graduates from BA take up MBA”.

What are the advantages of pursuing an MBA following having a Bachelor’s Degree?

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You can make a significant difference in your career by choosing a stream that best suits your objectives and making an effort to meet them through work experience. Students who have completed their fine arts studies and would like to pursue a BA in business administration ought to think about pursuing getting an MBA.

The subjects for both degrees are very distinct and the transition from one degree to another will be gradual.

MBA is a postgraduate program. It lasts for 2 years. The primary components of an MBA must be studied. Other subjects, such as foreign languages, natural sciences, and social sciences are also necessary.

Students who do not want to be restricted in one field or develop their talents can pursue an undergraduate degree in the form of a Bachelor of Arts. The skills that are required include writing creatively, journalism and journalism.

These are analyzed and developed. This program is perfect for young actors, musicians as well as media artists.

MBA eligibility requirements

What if I want to pursue an MBA after I have completed my BA? This is a question that irritates all undergraduate students who want to pursue a profession in the Management field.

The answer to this question is yes! A bachelor’s degree can be attained in any discipline, including Sciences, Commerce, and Arts. It is necessary to achieve at least 50% of your undergraduate degree in order to take various MBA entrance exams such as – CAT 2020, GRE, GMAT, XAT, SNAP, etc.

Many business schools require work experience to select applicants for their MBA courses. In India, there is an MBA selection process that involves interviews and GDs. In the next section, we will look at the MBA specializations available to students in the Bachelor of Arts students.

MBA following BA MBA after BA: The List of Programs

Digitalization has brought about a variety of opportunities, there are many avenues to take advantage of when seeking an MBA. They include fashion, healthcare, and fashion. This table will cover everything you need to know about MBA specializations.

in Marketing and MBA in Finance MBA in the field of insurance

MBA in Insurance & Risk Management MA Productions MBA in Operations

Healthcare Management MBA International Business MBA Logistics Supply Chain Management

MBA in Interior Banking Designing MBA MBA in Airport Management

in Information Technology MBA Aviation Management MBA for Agribusiness

in Entrepreneurship MBA, Power Management MBA Material Management

Master’s degree in Media Management MBA Data Analytics MBA in Agriculture

in Energy Management MBA In Communication MBA HR

MBA after a BA in India

India has a number of MBA entrance examinations that you can take to get into the best B schools in the world. Below is a listing of the 3 most popular tests.


Common Admission Test is a highly desired entrance test that is conducted every year by the host IIMs. The test is 300 marks and comprises three sections that include Quantitative Ability (Data Interpretation & Logical Thinking), Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension), and Quantitative Ability (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning).

The exam is usually released in July and opens the door to more than 100 B schools, including the IIMs list of students who are interested in pursuing the path of an MBA. The official announcement is releases in the first week of July. It is possible to refer to our blog on CAT 2020 to know the procedure in depth!

2020 Notification published 3rd of July

2020 Registration in the 1st week of August

CAT 2020 November Last Week

This is just a guideline.


The Xavier Aptitude Test, conducted annually by the Xavier Institute of mgmt, Jamshedpur, provides access to over 150 MBA programs in India. The XAT exam format comprises four sections, which include Decision Making, General Knowledge, Quantitative Abilities and Data Interpretation. The ability to communicate and logic are also part of the test. The computer-based test takes 3 hours to pass.

XAT 2020 Syllabus

A little less difficult test when compared to the previous tests, the mgmt Aptitude Test, which is conducted by the All India mgmt Association(AIMA) is an alternative for students who want to pursue an MBA after completing a BA or PGDM courses at 600+ universities spanning across India. This exam is available both online and offline and is available four times a year, in the months of February through September September, September, and December. The exam’s 200 questions are broken down into five sections which include Language Comprehension and Data Analysis and Sufficiency and Mathematical Skills.

The last date for registration of paper-based tests (PBT) is 12 February 2020.

PBT Date: 16 February 2020

Computer Based Test (CBT) Deadline for registration is 30 January 2020.

CBT Date 02/02/2019

Study MBA Abroad

MBA degrees permit students to pursue careers in any industry they wish to work in.


Q1: Can I complete an MBA using a BA?

Yes. You can pursue MBA with a major in Arts, Commerce, or Science. For different MBA entrance tests, candidates must have a minimum of 50 percent. This is the only means to finish the MBA program. MBA is the most desired professional master’s degree. It lasts for two years. It is necessary to have an undergraduate degree, such as BA/BBA/BSc/Bcom in order to obtain an MBA.

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