Mazda Rx8 Detailed Car Review, Specifications and Features

Mazda is hailed as the 15th biggest automotive company in the world. One of its vehicle Mazda RX8, is a sports car which has amazing handling and a strong grip. This rear-wheel drive was first introduced in 2001 at the North
American International Auto Show by Mazda.

This car comes with a Rotary engine which is also known as a Wankel engine. This engine is also featured in other Mazda cars from the RX range. The production span of the car was from 2002 to 2012. The car under the hood has a very straightforward machinery with a lot of plastic covers. Any task that you might do under the hood will be without any trouble.

Mazda Rx8 Exterior

Many drivers and reviewers agree that RX8 is one of the most attractive looking cars which Mazda has produced. The headlights alone are one of a kind with high-intensity projector beam. The back side is equipped with LED taillights, two polished exhaust tips and defrosting heated glass.

The car is driven by 18-inch aluminum alloy machined wheels. The car’s body has a conventional triangular bulge in a long-sculpted hood. Most of the construction of the car is done with steel except the rear bumpers and the front. Whereas the rest of the car is made of aluminum and plastic. The front part of the car is made of plastic. The moonroof is not built with all the

Mazda Rx8 Specifications

The Rotary engine or the Renesis engine was developed by a long series of Mazda’s Wankel engine. It is not so easy to get used to this engine and it requires proper maintenance. The machinery and principle on which the
Rotary engine operates is different from all the traditional piston engines. The driving of the car is agile due to the lightweight and compact 189 bhp Rotary engine. The car has a limited-slip differential which enhances grip
and stability during cornering.

There are four variants of RX8 which are a 4-seater coupe, a front-wheel drive, a 4-door and a rear-wheel drive.

Mazda Rx8 Features

This car is not meant to be comfortable for everyone due it’s unique engine. However, the steering responds amazingly well and the car is extremely practical as well.

The majority of the powered options are offered at the door due to which the car has powered windows and doors along with automatic windows and window locks. Cruise control is provided at the left side of the steering
wheel. The controls on the wheels have radio and cruise control settings.

A six-disc CD changer, a multi-function sound system, a media outlet, AM/FM satellite radio, a single-zone AC system whose settings of fan speeds is given on the left knob, front and rear defroster, side airbags, a small tray which can be locked by the key, anually adjustable passenger seat, ventilated mirrors and interior lightings. The right knob controls temperature. Mazda has introduced suicide doors as a key feature due to which there is no need for handles on the rear doors.

The suicide doors offer better access to the back seats. The front and rear doors have no pillar between them but since the car has a unique design, the back door’s edge becomes a pillar and regulates the rigidity of the structure. In this way, the back doors can only be opened if the front doors are already opened.

Mazda Rx8 Interior

The interior is very spacious considering how small the car itself is. Even people with height above 6 feet can fit perfectly well. This isn’t something many sports cars can boast about. The inside of the car is designed in such
a way to fit 4 people which makes the car a 4-seat car.

A complete cloth interior of black sport color is chosen. The steering wheel and doors have accents of black lacquer. The seats are very comfortable and are given the design of a small rotor shape made with aluminum. The Sports model contains manually adjustable seats. The perfect driving position allows the driver to reach the steering wheel and pedals easily. There are center compartments in the car.

The trunk space of the car has immense space which can fit huge suitcases even though it is a small coupe. The trunk space can be accessed by pushing the button by the hood latch. All these interior features and details make the car capable of being a long distance cruiser. The driver feels comfortable enough to speed up the car.

Even till this day, many people see Mazda RX8 as one of top sports cars to drive and own.

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