Mascara Brushes – An Essential Mascara Attachment


Generally, people with Mascara on their eyes have their eyes set on getting volume, length, curl, definition, or all the above. However, it is also possible to attain a whole variety of eyelash looks depending on which brush type is chosen. The two most common types of mascara brushes to be found are straight, curling, or flexible bristle brushes; each of these types can be equipped with either short, long, or synthetic bristles. There are also three other types of mascara brushes: petite, regular, and full size. Knowing the four Mascara brushes and the makeup effects that they provide will make one’s makeup application a whole lot easier.

Straight Mascara Brushes

Straight Mascara brushes provide the perfect finish for those who want a streak-free and natural-looking finish. This type of Mascara Brush contains synthetic bristles that will not clump up on the skin. One of the main benefits of straight Mascara brushes is that they provide natural coverage. It also creates the perfect makeup look for those who want to create a natural curl effect on their lashes.

Curling Mascara Brushes

Curling Mascara brushes are ideal for those who prefer to use Mascara in a more compact form. They can provide defined coverage and can help create longer lashes using a smaller wand. These types of Mascara Brushes are ideal for those who want to create a defined lash line at the outer corners of their eye.

Flexible Mascara Brushes

Flexible Mascara brushes are usually the thickest bristle brushes available. Their main benefit over the straight Mascara brushes is that they provide more flexibility and can be cured without using a mascara wand. They are most often made from high-quality silicone and have a wide range of different heads.

Types Of Mascara Brushes

There are two main types of Mascara Brushes; Wet and Dry. Wet Mascara brushes contain water-based glue or serum that is used to keep the Mascara wet while it is being used. Once the Mascara has dried, the glue dries, and the Mascara brush can be removed from your eyes. The difference between Wet and Dry Mascara brushes is that the wet Mascara brushes need to be shaken clean before each use while the dry Mascara brushes are stored away until needed. Once you have finished applying Mascara, the Mascara will not wick into your eye and will not clump up.


Nylon Bristle Mascara Brushes

Nylon Bristle Mascara brushes provide an incredible natural look with their lightweight and versatility. They do not clump up on the eyelashes, unlike with a Wet Mascara brush. There are two types of Nylon Bristle Mascara brushes; the Flat and the Curl knot. Both types of brushes give a compelling application to your eyelashes.
The third type of Mascara brush is the mascaras or mascara wands. These products have synthetic bristles covered in synthetic or plastic material. There are many different brands of Mascara wands. Most mascaras wands have synthetic bristles and are not as effective as the other two Mascara brushes.

Mascara’s Wands

Most Mascara’s wands are available in three primary colors; black, brown, and white. The Mascara formula is usually a cream or liquid, and most mascaras wands have an applicator included in the package. The applicator is used to put the Mascara wand on your eye. Depending on the type of Mascara Formula you use, some Mascara wands are hard to remove. Some lashes are meant to be removed by the user, while others require a special remover to remove the Mascara.


Mascara Brushes Tips

Mascara brushes have several types of tips. You will find that the tips on the different Mascara brushes differ. The tips of these brushes will determine the amount of “volumized” Mascara you apply to your eyes. When applying Mascara the proper Mascara Brush should be used. The best Mascara formula is one that does not leave a heavy or wet Mascara residue after applying the Mascara to your skin.

Another essential Mascara accessory is the Mascara comb. The Mascara comb is larger than the Mascara brush and is used to blend Mascara to your eyelashes. There are several types of comb brushes, including oval, round, and square. Most people prefer the square comb brushes as they are easier to make precise straight strokes.
Mascara brushes are essential in completing the look of your Mascara. You can create a dramatic look by creating a smoky eye effect using the outermost Mascara bristles and the innermost Mascara bristles. You can create soft, natural-looking curls, and you can also lengthen and shorten your lashes effortlessly. Mascara can also help you define and add volume to your eyes, as well as defining the shape of your eyes.

Mascara Pros And Cons

There are many Mascara pros and cons. If you want to know about them, then read on. The first thing you need to know is that there are both positive and negative effects on your lashes. You may have some questions such as which among the Mascara pros and cons can be considered as the most popular, and the ones that you should consider the least.



It all starts with A ASP AHK gel , is an extremely popular Mascara that is used by a lot of women. It has both eyelash enhancers and Mascara Pros and cons. According to a number of consumer review sites, AASANIHAK is the best eyelash enhancing Mascara.



Then there is BANUSA CHAKRA. It is another very popular Mascara that is known to give the user intense color. The downside however is that it does not last long. Another popular brand in the market is WAHM Eyecolor that offers people beautiful and natural looking Mascara. It is made from synthetic ingredients that may cause allergy and irritation.

Some Mascara Pros and cons state that ASP Mascara is longer lasting than LASH Roller. They further add that ASP Mascara easily makes your lashes look thicker and fuller. It maybelline hyper curl Mascara is a famous brand for its popularity. One of the pros is that it creates a natural looking curl. The cons however include the fact that it tends to clump and that it is more difficult to remove than other Mascara types.



KALI PRADI ABOVE Lashes is another famous mascara that is said to be the best amongst all. It is known to create smudge proof, full and thick eyelashes. As an added advantage it is non-comedogenic. It is available in both light and dark shades. It is a special cosmetic product manufactured by R. India.

WAHM Eye color

WAHM Eye color is a mascara that can be easily applied on wet lashes and removed after thirty seconds using a clean hand. It also contains green color pigment that makes the eyes look naturally drawn. It is widely preferred due to its great affordability and longevity.


Babul Kaju Barfi Mascara

There is another mascara available called Babul Kaju Barfi which has become popular in India amongst young girls as well as women in general. It comes in metallic silver with green pigment in green, blue, and red shades. It can be easily removed with a clean hand after application.

The best mascara brands are those that suit your skin type best. It is important that you must choose the one which suits your lashes well. You must also buy it from reputed cosmetic brands as quality is much important than any other factor. If you are not satisfied with these types of mascaras then you can always go for an organic brand of mascara called Babul Kaju Seer.

While buying Mascara, it is very essential to look into its ingredients and composition. Some Mascara contain alcohols, which can cause drying on eyelashes and leads to eyelash falling out. Alcohols in mascara may make it clog eyelashes which will be difficult to remove. It causes itching on the eyelashes.

Harsh Colorants

Some Mascara contain harsh colorants which can cause irritation to sensitive skin. Some products have silicone which causes adverse effects on some individuals. Harsh colors can affect skin tone and cause hyperpigmentation on eyelashes. To avoid this problem try a Mascara which is light weighted, free from colorants, and contains natural oil.

In case of smudge proof Mascara, once used it may not show up on the eye again if you have applied it many times. Mascara that is semi-permanent contains a mild pigment which is semi-translucent and stays on the lashes for a long time. Semi-permanent Mascara also helps in giving a natural look to your lashes.

There are several types of Mascara; Nair, Ek and Jaagka are amongst the most popular. The most important thing while selecting Mascara is that one should go for something that suits his or her personality and looks good on. Choosing the best Mascara depends upon the usage, the price, and the skin type.

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