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Marketing and branding strategies that you use on your personalized table covers

Who knew table covers would be that effective?

Ever participated in a tradeshow before? Have you ever visited a tradeshow as a customer? You know the event is racked up with visitors and businesses aiming to create a wide presence among the crowd. There are so many brands with a multitude of products catching the attention of the bystanders and onlookers aiming to get new customers and increase their profit margins.

While we agree that branding in a tradeshow is a challenging task, there are some pain points that can improve your business endeavors and subsequently attract more customers and followers. Among the notorieties of promotional products, table covers are the least considered promotional items which many businesses fail to buy.

While we do not clearly know why table covers are not popular, we surely have used them in our business objectives and they have turned out to be great. For starters, they are simple with plenty of customization options and create attention that you do not see on a regular basis.

That being said, if you are aiming to create a solid corporate identity for your business, we will talk about some of the new and exciting ways to create custom table covers and make your brand etched in people’s mind forever.

Follow these ideas carefully and apply them practically to stand out from your competitors and create a name for your business.

  1. Much needed brand visibility

As a responsible business owner have you approached a marketing company to beef up your branding efforts? If yes then you need to evaluate a couple of things before penning down a proposition with them.

When you are in a meeting with a marketing agency, ask and evaluate a couple of things for your business. First and foremost, check if the agency is willing to listen to your ideas and executions. This is important because your agency will not understand your product and market niche like the way you do, so be clear and straight forward with them in the first meeting.

Second, are you willing to go into the depths of tradeshows again and provide premium products and leads of your business to your prospects and existing customers? If your answer is yes then ask the agency to employ custom table covers with your imprinted logo to exemplify your products and its benefits to the customers.

Another interesting thing about personalized table covers is that you get quality design elements, astounding visual colors, and crisp colors. This aspect makes it imperative that table covers are the next big thing and you must use them to your advantage.

  1. You should create an inspiring story visually

The best part about custom table covers is that you can create an astounding visual image that others can see and get inspiration. You may wonder how this is possible, but hear me out. Table covers is a tradeshow or any other event are designed in such a manner that you can create a large image on them and get your design or your logo imprinted in just about every corner.

But to create a memorable table cover that others can see there are a few marketing ideas that you can employ to woo your clients and prospects. Moving forward, they will only benefit you in the long run and get you’re the leads you are looking for.

Take a look at some of the useful tricks below.

  • The printing size of your business artwork – In a tradeshow, if you happen to have a table cover, understand that this is the first thing that the people will see. You can be as expressive and creative as you want, but don’t overdo it necessarily. Sometimes, simple things are the best things.
  • Your brand name is important – Just like your logo, your business name is equally important in a table cover. One thing to mention over here is that keep your logo name as simple as possible. Avoid fancy fonts that make it harder for the customers to read.
  • What is the Background color of your cloth? In a tradeshow or exhibition setup, selecting a solid color is important. And if your table cover color is not according to your logo and business, you may not attract a large chunk of customers. Also, to avoid confusions, choose a color that connects well with your business logo.

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