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Makeup trends for 2022

Makeup has become an important part of a human experience. It is not just used as a way to present yourself more formally, but makeup is also a way of expressing yourself.

The entire industry has made great strides through the years. At the start of every year, comes more excitement surrounding the makeup trends.

People use these trends as blueprints to up their makeup game. Similarly, makeup products are also launched keeping in mind these global trends.

Therefore, knowing the makeup theme for the year is important. However, if you are suffering from skin problems, you should not take risks with your makeup products but instead stick to the advice dispensed by the Skin specialist in Islamabad.

Following are some of the trends that experts have predicted will be dominating 2022.

Daring eyes

We have play around with the eye makeup, now it’s time to use jewels on the eyes. Inspired by various celebrities, using jewels on the eyes, like rhinestones following the shape of the eyes, substituting as eyeliner, has gain prominence. It is also set to become even a bigger trend through the year.

Glossy lips

You either like gloss or you do not like it. For those who belong to the former camp, good news; 2022 is also all set to be dominated by shine. Matte lips are easier to manage but gloss is more hydrating.

Lifted look

Everyone wants to look young, and when done right, makeup can help you with this feat. Moreover, makeup, when not done right, can age you as well. One way to look more youthful then is by using facelifting tips.

You can use makeup to create and illusion that your face is lifted. One important trick for to achieve this is by using your lipstick right.

Rather than simply slathering it own, first create an outline. Give yourself reasonable fuller lips. Try not to drag at the corners, as that will give a droopy or flat look. Fill in carefully with lipstick of your choice.

Similarly, instead of putting eyeliner that gives your eyes a droopy look, try to life them up with cat eye or such extension.

Kitten eyes

After the cat have come the kitten eye. A more tamed down version of the former, kitten eye involves putting thin eye liner with subtle flick instead of the thick cat and dramatic cat’s eye.

Kitten eye is also easier to do. It gives the illusion of lifted eye but is subtle in its impact.

Purple blush

Amongst the more eclectic of the trends is the popularity of purple, plum, lavender, and lilac shades of blush. These playful tones help in flattering the face as well.

Soft contouring

Harsh contouring and extremely defined cheekbones are now a thing of the past. For people who found contouring daunting, rejoice, as 2022 is all about soft sculpting. This technique involves embracing the shape of your face and enhancing it in ways that befit it.

Tool of expression

Makeup is not just a fashion statement; it is also how people express themselves and their artistic abilities. In 2022, people will not only use makeup for to enhance their looks, but also to show their inner self.

Luminous makeup

Instead of the full red-carpet look, 2022 is going to be more about luminous rather than layered makeup. Natural look instead of the caked one is more convenient as well.

Moreover, when you slather on layer on layer of thick makeup, you also run in to the risk of overwhelming your pores. This then increases the likelihood of breakdowns.

For people with acne, the onslaught is a nightmares as the zits are also very painful to deal with and often require treatment from the Best dermatologist in Lahore then. On the other than hand, light and luminous makeup looks and feels right!

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