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Make Muesli Your Work From Home Buddy And Stay Fit

With the onset of the pandemic that has lasted for more time than anyone might have anticipated, almost all of the corporate workforce is now working from home. With its pros, working from home comes with its cons too. No one would not enjoy working from the comfort of their home without the morning rush of getting ready and getting out of the house- but let us not forget a few cons that come along with it.

Working from home gives way to a more sedentary lifestyle and there is every chance that one would become more lethargic, working straight from the bed sure starts to look tempting, does it not? However, healthy day to day changes can help you maintain your well-being a lot better.

Advantages of Making Muesli your Work-From-Home Buddy

Healthy habits, once adopted, can develop into a personality trait which in turn will improve your general quality of life by leaps and bounds.

The first change can be your breakfast- choose healthier options and as far as healthy breakfast options go, Muesli takes the cake!

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  • Staying home has made us less active so going for a lesser calorie meal seems like a good option. Without movement or workout, we tend to overeat and become unfit. Consuming meals with a lot of calories on top of that can lead to gradual obesity. That is why consuming muesli can help at least reduce the regular calorie intake. We either need to watch what we eat or we need to work out and since we are mostly occupied with work, throughout the day, we need to be careful about what we eat and starting the day or ending the day with a premium version, such as the one from yoga bar muesli, is the healthiest decision you can make.
  • Muesli is a fibre rich food that makes a much healthier snack or meal than eating calorie-dense foods. Fibre is great for our body as it helps in bowel movements and keeping the body clean, from within. Our busy lifestyle requires us to keep our bowel movements clean and clear and muesli, being rich in fibre, is the ideal food to consume on the regular.
  • Keeps you fuller for longer periods. When we eat other kinds of food, we tend to leave out other important nutrients from our diet. This, in turn, leads to random hunger pangs that lead to us eating more than we should. This makes our eating habits unhealthy and we end up compromising on our health. Eating disorders are on the rise and are creating health problems in people, far and wide. If you want to keep your weight in check, then eating muesli is a great idea. It keeps you full for longer periods.
  • No hassle of cooking so it saves time. Meal planning can take up a huge chunk of your time, more so when you are deliberately trying to plan healthier meals. Planning a muesli breakfast will save your time by a huge margin. This time, that you save, you can dedicate towards other activities or work. The ultimate goal is to save time while also intaking the right amount of nutrition and muesli is the best way to achieve that.
  • You can experiment with the recipes and avoid the monotony of eating the same things while eating healthy. Most of the times, people who are more or less occupied with work, throughout the day, end up whipping up food that is either bland or repetitive. Cooking new dishes takes time which most people working from home cannot afford to allot. With some superb variants, such as Bagrrys muesli, you can always go out and experiment. You can add dry fruits and syrups and what not to make it interesting, more delectable – all in a jiffy. If you want a change in taste and within a very less amount of time, then experiment with muesli.
  • People of every age can have this. It is easy to consume, convenient to make and packs the nutritional punch that people need to function regularly. People of different ages can consume this. Older people, who need the right amount of nutrition, can consume muesli for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Younger people also need nutritional balance which can be provided by muesli. Adults, teenagers, children and the aged can all consume muesli to their heart’s content.
  • Rich in antioxidants – The food we consume on the regular induces toxins in our body that needs to be expelled from our body. It is rich in antioxidants that flush out the toxins from our body. Also, keeping the skin healthy and moist is something you can achieve by consuming muesli regularly. It contains enough antioxidants that can help keep the body healthy.
  • By consuming muesli, you can do things at once. You are going on a diet that is helping you lose weight and you are also saving time. Multitasking is important if you want to balance your work life with the little pleasures in life. And since you will be dedicating most of your work, time and effort to your work from home, consuming muesli can make it easier for you to eat while you are working, thereby multitasking.

Muesli is a pre-blended prepared to-eat item comprising of oats, super seeds, dried leafy foods. The excellence of muesli lies in its flexibility, you can either have it like an oats or cereal simply by adding milk or you can even douse it short-term in yogurt or milk. It presently comes in assortments like Muesli nuts and organic products, food with no additional sugar, muesli with almonds, raisins and nectar, Muesli cornflakes with nuts and nectar, chocolate enhanced muesli, strawberry seasoned muesli, swiss style muesli and significantly more. A muesli bar a day can keep your body filled with dietary fibres and proteins. That is why you should make muesli your work from home buddy. Muesli is an all-around healthy and convenient food option that everyone can avail of when working from home. It is the best way to intake nutrients while not hampering your workflow. 

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