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Maintenance Tips for Natural Stone Tiles and Ceramic

Porcelain Tile 

Care is a need for the wellbeing of humans. The humans keep their belongings neat and clean which is a way to show care towards house items. Seasonal changes are accompanied by a collection of dirt and dust inside your house. It is necessary to recover and refresh the house. You have to plan and schedule the cleaning of households. It maintains and keeps your items durable and pleasant. Although you clean the house twice a week but still dirt, moisture manages to penetrate inside your house through door spaces, windows. The untidy house particularly the dusty tiles give a bad impression to the guests. The house flooring normally has stone tile, ceramic or porcelain tiles. All types of tiles demand periodic cleaning. Their maintenance is the topmost priority of house owners as this is hefty expenditure. It is not easy to replace them.

How to keep up different types of tiles?

There are different tiles you find in the houses. Some persons prefer stone tiles for the flooring. The natural stone tiles are composed of beautiful components. They may vary in composition for example; limestone, travertine, basalt, natural slate, marble, etc. The ceramic or porcelain tiles are easy to clean and keep in good condition as compared to stone tiles. They need extra care and cleaning. Stone floors are cleaned by using a vacuum. The vacuum mops take away dirt from tiles and make it clean. Never use abrasive material on stone tiles as it may damage the surface. Avoid using any acid like vinegar or citrus products for cleaning limestone or marble floors because they can chemically react and damage them. Try to clean and wash with acid-free cleaners. You can find them in the markets. After cleaning the stone floors, you can spray wax polish to refresh the floors with a sparkling, glowing look.

The porcelain or ceramic tiles are easier to clean. They are easily washed with the help of detergents. You can also use cleaning solutions like a mixture of vinegar and warm water or prepare a greasy mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Apply a layer of this mixture on tiles. Let it sit for 10 minutes. After that rub it with tooth-brush and clear the stain. Use sponging cloth and wipe the surface. Soft cloths don’t scratch the surface. Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe it. These tiles are also refreshed by steam cleaners. The use of heavy steam removes almost all types of microbes and dust particles from tiles. It gives your tiles a new and elegant look. These cleaning methods are helpful in prolonging the life of tiles. They keep them sparkling like a diamond.

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Points-to focus:

There are some tips to follow for maintaining any type of tiles. The marbles and granite floors are tricky to deal with and clean. They can etch and scratch easily. So they need careful handling. The stone tile top counters need extra care. Always try to use mats under the hot dishes and pans. Never put them straight on the surface. The heat of crockery may cause cracks on tiles which is difficult to repair. Never use any harsh material fabric to clean these stone tile counters. Try to clean them with soft dusters to prevent scratches. If in any case, the tiles get cracks or damage then you have to go for the Tiles sealing procedure. It will help in repairing them. If there is spill of citrus juice or any acidic content, immediately clean up. Otherwise it may react with tiles and cause any abrasion on it. In severe cases, you have no option just to replace a new one which is last option. The best way to keep your tiles in the best condition is to do daily cleaning. The spills of liquids or any other thing may cause stain on floors which should be removed within few seconds to prevent any permanent staining. Use soft mops on tiles. Vacuum your floors on regular intervals. Rinse with clean water and then dry tiles floor-completely. It is important to dry floors otherwise they may become a source of microbial growth. The tidy appearance of tiles is favorable for healthy environment. It keeps you healthy, fresh, and energetic.


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