Lord Ganesh- Facts of Hindu mythology

Hindu Mythology is very vast. The oldest religion in world has a variety of Hindu deities who appeared in different epics like The Mahabharata, Ramayana, Gita, Vedic Puran, shiv Puran, Vishnu Puran, Veda and many more. Lord Ganesh has the most unique story.

Very Famous Hindu Deity – Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesh – The most famous Hindu Deity. Lord Ganesha‘s looks is very rare and unique in whole mythology, he has a elephant head with human body, a several numbers of movies has also been published on lord Ganesha. Because the story of lord Ganesh is quite much different and unique.

Lord Ganesh is considered as the second son of lord shiv and goddess Parvati, when goddess Parvati ordered her son Ganesh to guard the palace while she is taking bath, as ordered lord Ganesh started guarding the palace. He began to stop every person who is trying to enter the palace. By chance Lord shiv was also heading towards the palace and lord Ganesha refuses him to enter the palace, first of all Lord shiv tries a lot to seduce Ganesha that let him enter the palace. But Lord Ganesha was not ready to disobey his Mother. Then all gods try to make him understand that lord shiv enter in, but he was still refusing everyone. After it all gods started using powers to make lord Ganesh defeat, but every effort was no use in front of mighty Ganesh.

Shiva gets super angry due to the stubbornness of the child, and he released his powerful trishula astra towards lord Ganesh. Trishula hit lord Ganesha’s neck and his head and body become separate with each other.

To listen the torment of her son goddess parvati came outside and when she saw her son lying on land. She just lose her mind and started to crying like for the sacrifice of her son who lost his life while he had obeying his order.

Sculpture of Ganesha

After all this event lord shiv felt guilty. He tried to change the policy of the world made by lord brahma. He ordered his disciple to bring the head of a baby infant who would be sleeping opposite side of her mother


As ordered, disciples came to the earth and started searching for infant baby who can fulfill all the conditions. BY the grace of god they found a baby elephant whose mother was just sleeping opposite side of her baby. They took that elephant and came back to kailasa mountain where lord Ganesh was tormenting very badly.

Lord Shiv used his enchanted power and set the elephant’s head to Ganesh’s body, that gave lord Ganesh a new Life. This is also known as the first head transplant was done in India by a number of Scientists.

After Getting a new Body and head Every Lord started to give blessings to the Lord Ganesh. Some of the blessings are here. In the world the first of all lord Ganesha will be worshiped by everyone before any god and goddess. A various name also began to use for lord Ganesh like Gajanan and many more.

The Anecdote Does not Finish Here because after all this incidents lord Ganesh did many memorable justice and killed a lot of demons who tried to hurt the human world and made a very interesting history.

He is also an ideal son. This anecdote is really heart touching when Ganesh and his elder brother kartikey had a bit of a race that who will travel the universe first will be a winner. All god and goddess were also very excited for such an event everyone gathered at a place and the event started.

The Ideal Son

Lord Kartikey sat on his peacock and fly very high in sky and started his journey to discover the universe. While lord Ganesha didn’t start his journey he began to roaming around his beloved parents lord shiv and lady Parvati. Everyone became soft hearted after watching such poignancy filled sight.

When kartikey Returned he was amazed to see his younger brother was already standing there before him. When he get to know all the inside story he also began to start loving his brother more and felt a little sorrow over his over confidence.

Lord Ganesh has a riding animal that is mouse it is said that when mushakasur was doing outrage and very scoffing then to stop him lord Ganesh fought to that demon and defeated him. After losing the battle he started to beg for his life and told lord Ganesha to let him pardon then lord Ganesh relent over him and turned him into a very new animals known as mushaka in English ‘Rat’.

Lord Ganesha Is very revered in India along with some other country like Indonesia, japan, Thailand Myanmar, Nepal. You will found sculpture and culture related to lord Ganesh everywhere. Even in Indonesian Currency there is the picture of lord Ganesha.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most important festival Dedicated to the Lord Ganesh. Reason Behind this festival is the birth date of Lord Ganesh. On this day Lord Ganesha was born. That’s Why the mark of the birth of the Lord Ganesh this festival is celebrated annually.

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Modern Aspects

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Lord Ganesha’s other names are Gajanan, Ganpati, Ekdant, vighneshwar, and many other names. These are also used in different parts of the world. Every name has a unique story but we will discuss about it in any other blog. If you also know anything about lord Ganesh please tell me in the Comment Box.

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