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Looking For New Residential Projects In Raipur? Use This Checklist

Buying your dream home comes with many aspirations. It’s a lifetime achievement, not just for you but for your entire family. But oftentimes the expectation from your dream home is tainted due to improper planning and inspections. It is thus important to have your priorities set and to make a detailed checklist of the requirements you need in your home. If you are seeking to invest in residential projects in Raipur your checklist must include points that ensure the legal requirements as well as the infrastructural requirements of your home.

Make the checklist considering not just your present requirements but also what you’ll be needing in the future. A well planned checklist before investing in any projects in Raipur can help you avoid major troubles in the future. Here are a few points that must be included in your checklist while on the hunt for new residential projects in Raipur.

Top Checklist Before Buying The House:


A) RERA Registration : 

While buying a new residential project, checking whether the project is registered by RERA should be your first major rule. RERA is the first stamp of legal approval of a new project.

B) Details Regarding Project & Developer : 

If you’re buying a new residential property in Raipur ensure that you have every tiny detail you need. Ask the developer multiple times for any detail that you require. Inquire about the time of construction and legal property use of the land where the project is being built. If you’re choosing a property that is under construction, ask the developer for details regarding the floor plans, estimate time of completion of the project and the types and number of amenities etc.

C) Real Estate Developer : 

While buying a new residential project in Raipur, choosing the right developer can be a difficult task. The real estate market in Raipur is blooming which attracts many small and big realtors into the city. From the numerous options available, choose a developer that has many years of experience in the business.

Ensure that the developer has been in Raipur for quite some time and is well versed with the legal and social aspects of Raipur. Check the previous projects of the developer and look for reviews on their projects online and if possible through local residents also. Lastly, check the developer’s construction techniques, delivery schedules, available and pending documents and also the type of clients they interact with.

Other House Buying Checklist:

1) Locality & Surroundings : 

Many times, when you’re buying a house, the builder will try to attract you with standard amenities to distract you and make you compromise on other important factors such as the locality or surroundings of the new residential project. Make sure you don’t get into this trap. Amenities are important but having a good locality that is safe and easily connected to schools, hospitals and basic essential services should be a necessity.

2) The Timeline For Completion?

Check whether the developer has a properly devised plan of the beginning and the end of the project. Note the promised time of completion of the project and when you’ll receive the possession documents. Check the progress in construction every 2-3 months and ensure that it is aligned properly to the delivery schedule.

3) Is The Price Reasonable? 

Price is without a doubt the first thing home buyers consider while looking for a new residential project. Ensure that you’re getting the right facilities for the amount you’re paying.  A residential property with standard amenities and in a good locality will definitely cost you good fortune. However, it is important to compare the prices of different projects and different developers. Also, talk to local Raipur residents and experts to ensure your dealings are safely happening.

Last But Not The Least:

I) Did You Negotiate? 

If you’re not a fan of going through negotiation, you’ll be surprised to find out the power of negotiation. Small builders will easily give you a good discount if you negotiate properly. Especially in the post covid world, negotiating can get you offers that would’ve been impossible during normal times.

II) Future Government Plans Near The Project : 

Builders will often boast about their project if a new infrastructural project is being developed by the Government nearby. However, they’ll be hesitant to inform you about nearby plans that might decrease the value of the property in the future, like the installation of a dumping site.

III) Amenities : 

Residential projects in Raipur often come with a number of amenities, depending upon the project and the cost of the houses. Choose a project that has amenities that suit your requirement. Oftentimes people end up paying a huge amount for amenities that they rarely use.

Top 5 Checklist Before Moving To A New House:


a) Drainage : 

In the search for a new residential project, we often miss out on small details that are very important. Like the drainage outlet. Imagine you shift to your beautiful new home only to find that the bathrooms have clogged outlets. Thus it is best to check the drainage facilities of every room of the house before making the move.

b) Switches & Plug Points : 

Switches and plug points are another small yet important detail to look for before moving to a new residential project. On the final revisit, check all the switches and plug points are working and connected to the main supply.

c) Miniature Circuit Breaker :

Mishaps in the electric circuit can lead to a big accident. Your home’s electric circuit is protected by an MCB from overload damage. Hence it is vital that the MCB is of premium quality. Tungsten used in MCBs melts at a certain temperature and trips off when there is overload. There are low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage MCBs available in the market.  Choose the right MCB according to the voltage requirements in your home.

Buying and shifting to a new home is undoubtedly a very difficult task, which is often followed by many inconveniences and adjustment for quite some time. But these inconveniences can be avoided if a proper checklist is priorly created and used. It is important to note that your checklist can be very unique from another homebuyer’s checklist depending upon the unique requirements of you and your family. However, every checklist while buying a home needs to include some basic points that are mentioned above.



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