List of documents you need before approaching a DUI

DUI stays at the number one position for public charges in the US. The charges are serious if convicted. In some cases, enormous fines amount, pauses of driver’s license, reasonable loss of work are the seen consequences. 

The court system is complex, and you will need the Phoenix DUI lawyer, who knows the legal procedure and can help you get to the best possible result. Once you have booked your lawyer’s appointment, you might wonder what documents to carry for the first meeting.

In this piece, you will get a brief on DUI and know which documents are needed for approaching DUI.

Driving Under Influence Act: Legal definition

Charged with DUI means the person is intoxicated with a substance that gave a BAC outcome of 0.08 or less. Even consumption of recreational drugs lies under DUI. 

In the state of texas, if any minor is found with any intoxication substance in their system can be charged. Texas Penal Code Sec 106.401 states this is a Class C misdemeanor and can reflect in the minor’s history for a lifetime.

Documents required for approaching DUI

  • Record of the arrest

The arrest record means the provisional license, granted ticket, BAC conclusion report, and any other document you were entitled to at the time of the arrest. 

Your Phoenix DUI lawyer will know how BAC equipment is operated, how blood is tried out for outcomes, and so they also know how to prosecute any issues in the court referencing this. 

2. Witnesses list 

Make a list of witnesses present at the spot and include their contact number and address. 

This can be any person who was present at the scene and can help your DUI lawyer with some added information about the case. Let your lawyer have all minor to major details of the day your DUI ticket was raised.

3. Driving record

If your driving records are smooth and straight, it might impact the case. So. better collect driving records from your State Department of Public Safety Driver License Office. If you have any unpaid tickets, pay them before getting the record for a clean driving image.

4. Medical Records

Your medical report is vital if your BAC is misinterpreted due to some prescribed drugs. This happens, and for this, the accused have to offer details relating to what medication you consume, Why you consume, your ability to drive while having the medication in your system? Is the medication safe for you while driving? 

5. Criminal record

If you have a criminal record, let your lawyer know about it because the prosecuting attorney will use this against you in court. In addition, the Phoenix DUI lawyer requires to know if you have any previous misdemeanor lodged against you at any point in time. 


A DUI lawyer will help you to get a better hold of your case, and they will possibly use legal loopholes to help you in the conviction process. 

Research well before settling on one attorney; the conviction stays in the record for the long term. Hence affecting all your future aspirations.

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