List of Cases a Criminal Lawyer Can Help You In

A criminal lawyer

plays a vital role in defending an individual who is held guilty for committing a crime. The criminal defense lawyers basically speak on behalf of their clients and attempt to free them from all charges by presenting adequate evidence, logical statements, and eyewitnesses.

If you or a friend is looking for experienced criminal lawyers in Adelaide, you can expect help in the following cases.

  1. Domestic Violence: In a domestic violence case, the lawyer must present adequate evidence against the guilty. If the spouse causes the violence, the lawyer needs to send a legal notice to warn them of her actions if the spouse fails to watch and control their actions.
  2. Sexual Abuse: If you are a victim of rape or sexual abuse, or if you believe you have been charged wrongly with rape, you need to hire an attorney specializing in sexual abuse cases. Sexual assault affects the physical and emotional well-being of a person, so seek help from a professional as soon as possible. Also, try to gather as much evidence as possible against the guilty, including photos, videos, clothing, text messages, call records, objects, etc
  3. Crimes Against Women: Gender discrimination may lead to serious crimes that may hamper the well-being of women and society as a whole. Some of the common crimes against women include –
  4. Dowry deaths
  5. Rape and Sexual Assault
  6. Honor Killings
  7. Female Infanticide
  8. Witchcraft-related Murders or Physical Assualt
  9. Forced Prostitution
  10. Human Trafficking
  11. Human Rights Assault: Lawyers are responsible for protecting the fundamental right of their clients in the cause of justice for all. Their role is to uphold the fundamental rights and freedoms of their clients in accordance with the law. Human rights lawyers fight for the rights of vulnerable populations, women, children, marginalized groups, refugees, indigenous people, LGBTQ communities, and so on.
  12. Murder and Violence: In cases of false charges for murder and other violence-related crimes, always hire an attorney you trust. There will be many confidential matters involved here, so try consulting someone who has years of experience in this field.
  13. Theft, Robbery, Fraud, and Embezzlement: People accused of theft can win the case if they can prove that they are the concerned property owner. However, if you cannot prove that and still aren’t guilty of theft or you have made some innocent mistake like accidentally taking some merchandise to the restroom of a shopping mall, you can hire a lawyer to defend you.

Apart from theft, a criminal attorney can also help you in matters of robbery, fraud, or embezzlement, provided there is enough evidence to present before the court.

  1. Kidnapping: If you are falsely charged with kidnapping a person, you can consult a lawyer to prove before the jury that you are being wrongly accused.
  2. Cyber Crime: If you are accused of cybercrime cases like theft, hacking, password attacks, Internet or email fraud, etc., contact a specialized cybercrime lawyer who can explain all the legal jargon and technological aspects of the digital world. A cybercrime attorney will also help businesses design more secure and protected guidelines and policies

Additionally, you can also get legal advice from a criminal attorney in the following matters –

  1. Hijacking and Anti-Terrorist Issues
  2. Criminal Trial and Appeal
  3. Bail
  4. Drug Abuse

Try to look for criminal lawyers in Adelaide or elsewhere who have specialization in the type of case you are seeking help in.

Final Words

Never try to represent yourself in matters of crime. If you are not guilty but are wrongly accused, or you are the victim of a heinous crime, always hire professional and experienced legal specialists and solicitors from reputed companies like Matthew Mitchell, who will study every aspect of the case and look for any possible loopholes to win it for you.

Besides legal advice, criminal lawyers will also provide mental and emotional support to the victims and their family members.

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