Linksys Range Extender Setup and Features is here taking you to the wizard of Linksys extender setup, so you may begin the configuration and customization of your Linksys extender. The URL is a complete portal to your extender’s back end and allows you to perform a number of things and setups with your domestic network.

Why do I need a range extender?

That is the most popped-up question in any person’s mind when they come across the name – wifi network range extender device. You need a range extender because there are zones and locations in your home or at your office that require internet range, but they don’t have any, and we call them internet dead zones. So, eliminate them and enjoy your internet connectivity even when you are lying in your garden and just relaxing; the music sounds good at that time. So, get it with a range extender, especially with the Linksys extender setup, because they are one of the best. Let’s walk through their features.

Linksys Range Extender setup features 

The Linksys extenders are always living up to the expectation of the networking world with their number of features that we should explain because what you are bringing to your home/ office network should be of complete utilization. Otherwise, there seems no benefit of the purchase. So, stop the train of thoughts and hop on the ride called Linksys range extender’s features.

Amplified Signal Range – 

The obvious one, a well-amplified network range, all thanks to the Linksys range extender’s antennas and amplifiers. The extended signals have a wide circumference when you specifically go for Linksys range extender. The signal strength is reliable and will obviously blow off your head with its quality.

Seamless Roaming – 

Seamless roaming means that the operating device will shift to a better and stronger signal in times of need. This feature even keeps your device on the better network bandwidth. So, yes, that struggle of switching has been ended for you.

Spot-finder Technology – 

There is a LED indicator on the top of your Linksys range extender setup, and this allows you to find the exact spot for its installation. This eliminates all the extra work – an extra effort that one may have to put in. This even makes the installation easy and simple.

Beamforming Technology – 

Beamforming is the technology that comes with the Linksys range extender setup that allows the networking device to direct the signals in one direction, specifically where the operating device is. This makes the internet speed fast, so there are no spread signals, only focused signals.

How do I set up Linksys Range extender? Setup Guide 

First of all, you should know the methods of setup and what are the requirements that you should complete before you begin to set up your extender. There are three ways by which one can complete the Linksys extender setup; one is by Web GUI method, the second is through Linksys application, and the last is via the WPS button.

Towards the requirements for Linksys range extender setup? 

  • Obviously, Linksys Range Extender
  • Home router/ modem
  • One Ethernet Cable
  • Working Internet Connection
  • Operating device (Laptop/ computer/ smartphone)
  • Web-based URL – extender.
  • Default IP address –
  • Default Web-based SSIDs – Leave the username field blank and the Password is ‘admin.’
  • Network SSIDs – mentioned on the back label of Linksys extender
  • App Store Linksys App – 
  • Google Play Linksys App – 

Linksys extender setup (web GUI method) 

About Linksys range extender web-based setup, you must follow the given steps –

  1. Make sure to power off and power back on the Linksys extender before anything.
  2. Now you may plugin your fresh piece of Linksys range extender to a power socket for further proceedings.
  3. Let the LED indicator go stable if it’s blinking.
  4. Time to go get an ethernet cable, so you may connect one end to the extender’s port and another to the laptop/ computer.
  5. There are usernames and passwords that come with your Linksys range extender. Use them and enter that network with the device you opted for in step four.
  6. Now, you have to do is run the URL- in the search bar of your browser. Just saying, if in case the URL does not respond, then you may run the IP address
  7. The Linksys extender login page will appear asking for defaults.
  8. Enter them and reach the Linksys extender setup wizard.
  9. This page will allow you to customize and configure the device as per your wish. Do that and enjoy the Linksys extender setup.

App-based Linksys range extender setup 

Before you begin to set up the Linksys range extender, download the Linksys app that is suitable for your smartphone’s operating system because there is no need to run here. Then, began with the steps –

  1. For step one, power cycle the home networking device.
  2. Keep the extender in the same room as of home modem/ router.
  3. Here you have to make sure of the thing to power up your Linksys extender and let the LED indicator light stabilize properly.
  4. Once done, now you may note down the SSIDs mentioned on the Linksys.
  5. Open the network settings in your mobile and enter the network name that you found in step four.
  6. Now, when you have forged the network connection between the extender and your device – open the Linksys application in your phone and begin the setup.
  7. The instructions will appear automatically as you complete the steps appearing on your screen for configuration and customization.

Wi-Fi protected setup button method 

The easiest and most convenient of all means is the WPS button method. Follow the step and install the range extender –

  1. Power-cycle your home router and power up your Linksys range extender. (power-cycle = turn off and on the home modem/ router)
  2. Let the light indicator on your Linksys stabilize, and make sure you have the extender in the same room as the home router.
  3. Press the WPS button of Linksys extender.
  4. Now go and press the WPS button on your home router; do not take more than two minutes.
  5. The devices will synchronize, and you may move it where ever you want. Network SSIDs are mentioned on the back of your extender, and here the Linksys extender setup is finished.

These are the ways through which one can complete the Linksys extender setup, and they are easy. In case you feel like you need assistance, reach out to us. Our tech support experts are here to provide the assistance you need in setup your extender.

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