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LinkedIn Ads: how are advertising campaigns done on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is known for being the social media of professionals, but did you know that it is also possible to do advertising campaigns on LinkedIn? Let’s find out together!

For many, LinkedIn is just a showcase where they can upload their curriculum vitae to find work, mistakenly thinking that it is enough to fill in the various fields of the profile and then get a job offer.

LinkedIn is not a social network to find work, or soon it is not only this. It represents a powerful channel for personal branding, sharing one’s perspective on a professional level, establishing valuable relationships, and networking

Unfortunately, it is the best way, both in terms of personal and business profiles.

To optimize your company’s profile, you will have to keep the focus on the very essence of a brand. A combination and on the brand identity, making adequate and consistent communication with the company itself.

The advice is to create valuable content and ad hoc columns that tell the company well through the art of storytelling, proposing captivating formats that convey the brand’s essence.

You will have increased the company’s reputation, but it is undoubtedly advisable to carry out a campaign of advertising …, known as LinkedIn Ads.

But how is it done?

Let’s see it together, step by step!

The Topic of This Post

  • 1 LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • 2 Goals
  • 3 Audience
  • 4 Budget
  • 5 BID
  • 6 KPI
  • 7 Optimization

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

The LinkedIn Campaign Manager is the tool to start campaigns and log in, and you need a company page.

The interface and the panel of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager are very intuitive and allow you to choose the objective of the campaign between notorietyconsideration, and conversion. In web marketing, conversion means when a user takes a specific – measurable – action that is important to your business. Examples are access to the site, the visit of

However, for LinkedIn Ads to be effective, correct positioning of the company on LinkedIn is necessary, not only at the profile and page level but also in terms of content and relationships.

It is not essential to have millions of contacts. For all socials, vanity metrics are the only appearance, so it is good practice to have relationships that can bring value to you and your company.


The objectives that through a LinkedIn Ads campaign are:

  • notoriety for making the brand known and increase brand awareness is a marketing term that describes the degree of recognition of a product by the consumer through its name or 
  •  Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting potential customers into leads, then obtaining contact information. In digital marketing, we use a 
  • conversion to bring a conscious action by the user.

Furthermore, depending on the selected target, we have different advertising formats available.

To make a campaign with a notoriety objective, you can choose from the following advertising formats :

  • ads with a single image
  • image ads in form format
  • video ads
  • event announcements
  • text ads
  • spotlight ads
  • follower ads

To make a campaign with objective consideration, you can choose between the following advertising formats :

  • ads with a single image
  • image ads in form format
  • video ads
  • event announcements
  • text ads
  • spotlight ads
  • message format ads
  • follower ads
  • conversation format ads

To run a campaign with a conversion goal, you can choose from the following advertising formats :

  • ads with a single image
  • image ads in form format
  • video ads
  • text ads
  • message format ads
  • spotlight ads


There are three types of audiences on LinkedIn :

  • matching audiences
  • audience expansion
  • LinkedIn Audience Network

corresponding audience is a group of targeting functionality present on the platform and are respectively:

  • website data
  • CSV lists of companies and corporate domains
  • CSV lists of corporate emails
  • Data integrations through CRM CRM (Customer Relationship Management) typically refer to software for managing relationships with customers and prospects. CRM stands for Customer …

The expansion of the audience allows increasing the range of action of the campaign. Showing advertisements to target refers to a group of potential customers to whom a company wants to sell its products or services. The Target is consequently also similar to the one chosen.

The LinkedIn Audience Network allows you to extend the campaign’s reach, showing commercials even off the feed of LinkedIn, on the app, or Web sites.

The budget is a strategic action that must be planned. To achieve the set objectives, the right strategy must be created and then taken to action.

Therefore, the calculation of the budget is an operation to be done, depending on the objective, the type, and duration of the campaign. First, and then it will be divided for each day of the campaign duration.

The daily spending may vary upward up to 20%, and under the influence of seasonality, the traffic, and the type of offer.

LinkedIn needs a higher budget than the other social networks allocated to Ads: the most effective minimum monthly budget is about 1500 euros, or about 50 euros a day. Below this budget, that the desired results will be obtained.


Even the ‘ advertising on LinkedIn operates similarly to other social, via a pushrod system parameters to win an auction on LinkedIn are related to the budget you are willing to pay and the performance, past and present of campaigns Ads.

There are two types of BIDs, i.e. offers :

  • manual offer
  • automatic bidding

The manual offer allows you to define the maximum budget spent on a given action, respectively per click, per 1000 views, per video view, or submission.

The automatic bidding allows you to optimize the budget, following the automated learning of the account. It will enable you to have a more remarkable number of clicksviews, or conversions.

KPIKPIs, an acronym for Key Performance Indicators, are a set of quantifiable measures that a company uses to evaluate its performance over time. These. The KPIs, i.e. the metrics to analyze the performance of LinkedIn Ads campaigns, are:

  • The CPC is the maximum cost per click, which allows you to specify the highest amount you are about to spend for a click: it is crucial to set a daily budget to identify the maximum amount consumed each day.
  • The CPM meaning is the full cost that can be spent per 1000 views, which allows you to specify the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for 1000.
  • The CPS, i.e. the maximum cost per sending, allows you to specify the maximum amount you are willing to spend per sending and is only available for the message format announcement.


By optimizing a LinkedIn Ads campaign, we mean that activity that allows you to improve the results of your ads both in terms of KPIs and conversions, obtaining better performance at lower prices and a better ROI the ROI (Return Of Investment, “return on investment”) is the income generated by a given investment, less the cost of the asset itself. ROI is typically the measure …, that is, the return on investment.

Some valuable tips to optimize your campaign and boost your LinkedIn account :

  • start multiple ads in the same campaign, changing just one part, text, or graphics
  • set the budget only on the best ad and block the bad ones
  • develops different campaigns for different target segments
  • Keep in mind the relevance score. A high score means that you don’t have to raise the BID bid, but you can also lower it, while a low score implies modifying the ad or that you have to submit the bid.

I hope you found this LinkedIn Ads guide practical, please. We are curious to know if you already knew about this LinkedIn feature and if you have ever done a LinkedIn insurance Ads campaign!

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