Let Your Inner Diva To Shine With These Celebrity Sew In Hairstyles

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities manage to dazzle us with their various hairstyles at every red carpet and beauty magazine event, we’ve got a secret for you! Sew in hair is the key to their beautiful hairstyles! 

Yes! Sew-in hair extensions and wigs have made quite a stir throughout the globe owing to the versatility they provide in styling and keeping you up to date on the newest trends without much fuss.

And now we’ve rounded together the best 3 sew in hairstyles from these top 5 female black celebrities that have always made us envious!

Check out the top three sew in hairstyles from the hair fashion catalog of:- 

  1. Rihanna
  2. Michele Obama
  3. Cardi B
  4. Ciara
  5. Beyonce

1# Rihanna

Coolest Sew In Hairstyles By Rihanna
Coolest Sew In Hairstyles By Rihanna

If there is another word for “cool,” it has to be RiRi! We’ve seen RiRi rolling a joint on her bodyguard’s head at Coachella or with a beer and blunt in the middle of the pool, but her hairstyles make her the coolest!

Here are RiRi’s top 3 sew in hairstyles that give us hair FOMO!

1/ The Mighty Mullet

If anyone can pull off short hair, it’s her! When it comes to short sew in hairstyles, her retro mullet hairstyle needs to be on your list! Rihanna absolutely crushed the mullet during the opening ceremony of the spring fashion show in 2013, making a bold statement that many women would not dare to try! If RiRi can, you must!

2/The Highlighted Hallmark

These middle-parted bouncy curls with bangs will surely blow some curtains if you’re ready for some highlighted drama! Rihanna has hallmarked the curly sew in hairstyles with some highlights & bangs that you can’t ignore if you want to attract some attention and compliments in your next look!

3/ The Undercut Urge 

This look is a fusion of what we should call ” the blonde & beautiful.” Even with her wavy sew in hairstyle, RiRi has made a badass statement with her stunning side-shaved undercut! If you are bored with the basic wavy hairstyles, make her your muse & get the bold blonde wavy hair with an undercut like her! 

2# Michelle Obama

The First Lady Of Sew In Hairstyles
The First Lady Of Sew In Hairstyles

The FLOTUS has certainly captivated us with her elegance at the White House and outside!

Here are 3 of the stately sew in hairstyles inspired by the first lady of hair fashion.

1/ The Baronial Bob

The former first lady had us sworn in with her stylish sense from her early days. Michelle Obama made an appearance at the Southern Inaugural Ball in 2009 with her side-swept straight bob cut in her beautiful white gown that made the entire globe fall in love with her!

2/ The Violet Vaca

The first lady jetted off to Martha’s Vineyard for a family vacation, wearing a blue Tory Burch dress, Fendi shoes, and a sleek, wavy high sew in ponytail. She made it appear so easy by going so simple but classy, giving fashion inspiration to all the titas for their next vacay!

3/ The Slick Splendor

The FLOTUS never failed to impress us with her diversity in hair and fashion! Her other slicked-back hairstyle to host Singaporean President Lee Hsien Loong’s visit to the White House in 2016 had Obama rapt too! The slicked-back hair tied into a chignon and her exquisite earrings were totally regal—look for the fashionable sew in hairstyles that you should bookmark RN!

3# Beyonce

Fierce Sew In Hairstyles
Fierce Sew In Hairstyles

Beyoncé Knowles, the goddess in human form, continues to enchant the globe with her incredible voice and stunning beauty. Her music, her outfits, and her hairstyles all radiate boldness and bravery.

Here are top 3 sew in hairstyles to get inspired from the sasha fierce.

1/ The Braided Beé

Beyoncé’s Rapunzel-inspired ponytail looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale. Beyoncé’s extraordinarily high and super sleek hairstyle undoubtedly created waves and made an indelible impression on sew in ponytail lovers!. If you’re looking for your next sew in ponytail hairstyle, don’t pass on Beyoncé’s high braided blonde ponytail!

2/ The Timeless Top-Knot

Another stunning look inspired by the Queen Bee is this magnificent top knot with micro-braids with loose deep wave hair! Her hairstyles are all favorites of ours, but this one, in particular, gives us a carefree vibe to get through our busy days! Who knew loose deep wave bundles & micro braids would look so queenly until the queen wore herself! 

3/ The Limitless Lemonade

How can we forget when Beyoncé released her sixth solo studio album: Lemonade with lemonade braids! A day in braid history when the braided sew in hairstyle reached as high as the diva herself! Let your inner Beyoncé come out with this blonde lemonade braids sew in hairstyle!

4# Cardi B

Sew In Hairstyles–Okurrrrrr
Sew In Hairstyles–Okurrrrrr

Cardi B set a new benchmark for sew-in hairstyles by flaunting seven distinct looks in her new music album, ‘UP..’ Here are the top three hairstyles you must embrace!

1/ The Black Rose Tail

In the first scene, Cardi B has a knee-length fishtail braid embellished with black roses and cross embroidery, which has become one of her most talked-about hairstyles. Who would have thought fishtails and black roses were meant to be together?

2/The Bombshell Blowout

Cardi got classy with her curly auburn half up, half down to transport us back to the 90s cardio in the most fashionable way! We are surely UP for this curly sew in hairstyle & some twerking, right?

3/ The Purely Platinum

Another hairstyle she used in her song video was a platinum blonde sew in hairstyle with a loose deep wave, which made her appear like the queen of the waves! She surely has an ocean of hairstyles that we must dive into!

5# Ciara

CiCi & Her Sew In Hairstyles
CiCi & Her Sew In Hairstyles

Ciara surely has for us some amazing sew in hairstyles’ Goodies.’ Let’s unwrap the top three of her most popular hairstyles!

1/ The Pixie Perks

This layered blond pixie is perfect for any woman thinking about going short this year! We can anticipate that the famous actress will not disappoint anytime she decides to change up her hairstyle. Her pixie hairstyle proves that you will not be disappointed either!

2/ The Damp Waves

The singer’s middle-parted wet wavy look on the 2017 AMA red carpet was very sensuous! The wavy hair gives you a sensual appearance on its own, and adding the wet aspect to it is very enticing! Not only did her music make us envious, but so did her hairstyles.

3/ The Balmy Black

Another stunning look to borrow from Ciara is her long black wavy hair styled with the black beret she wore at World Pride 2019. All women who adore natural black sew in hairstyles will undoubtedly be proud to attempt this trend!

Get these beautiful sew-in hairstyles and let your inner divas shine! Remember to stop by Indique Virgin Hair & Extensions for the greatest human hair bundles, including loose deep wave hair bundles, straight hair bundles, curly hair bundles, and more, and recreate these amazing styles from your favorite celebrities.

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