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LED Wall: Key To Enrich Your Upcoming Event

People often consider the LED wall as an idea for advertising and broadcasting information about promotions and offers. But it is more than that!

Nowadays, organisers are using LED screens in events, concerts, and sporting venues. If we mention Singapore, event organizers consider this technology as a new standard for indoor and outdoors programs. Therefore LED wall rental in Singapore is gaining much popularity.

Next, we will explain LED screens, their use, advantages, and how they can help to boost an event. Let’s start!

What Is An LED Wall?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is considered a visual technology explained with a tiny light sequence. It’s much like the pixels on a digital screen. Every light creates a building block of the image. And in the end, a bright, large, and visually striking medium makes videos, messages, or images. If a large scale event organizer uses LED walls there will be more chances to draw the audience’s attention. Since there is a consistent demand for captive attendees, numerous different events consider LED screen systems.

You can’t analogize the LED screens as high-tech billboards. Event planners use it in many events like; Weddings, Anniversaries, Concerts, Trade shows Product launches, Award ceremonies, Charity galas, Meetings, Conferences, etc.

Factors To Consider When Choosing LED Screen

Check the following elements when purchasing or renting an LED screen.

  • Distance

Consider measuring the overall distance between the audience and the LED screen. Always remember your event setup before buying.

  • Resolution

The resolution is estimating the total number of pixels present in a display. It is noted as (pixel width) x (pixel height)p.

Let’s take an example; a screen with a resolution of 3840 pixels X 2160 pixels is 3840 pixels wide by 2,160 pixels tall. So, the higher the number, the better the picture quality will be.

  • Brightness

The LED screen brightness is calculated in nits. Outdoor LED panels need approx 4,500 nits, and indoor video screens should be between 1,000 and 3,000 nits.

  • IP Rating

It is the estimate of an item’s resistance to an element’s nature. And measured as IP(number 1)(number 2); here, the 1 number is the total measurement of protection by solid objects, and the number 2 is protection from liquids. Remember, outdoor displays must have approx an IP65 rating.

Top Reasons To Choose LED For An Event

1. Better Experience

Using LED wall rental in Singapore offers a different level of experience to the audiences. The wall would be visible from far away to the attendees. Also, it can provide a live streaming video experience.

Note: Ensure there should be 6 meters to 10 meters distance from the LED wall to the first guest’s row.

2. Save Energy

It may be surprising that LED walls help save more energy than a usual television screen. Suppose you rent it for an event; no need to worry about a higher electricity price.

Most outdoor LED screens are waterproof. It is best suited for an outdoor location, and you don’t have to be tense about rain.

3. Provide Entertainment

Once you have decided to rent a LED screen, it means high flexibility on the type of entertainment one can offer to their guest. Use the display to present pictures, high-quality videos, or other visible content. Moreover, if it’s a game launch, it would be easier to allow your attendees to enjoy next-level games on a big screen.

The LED screen also provides a background image on the stage. And the best part is the background could be anything related to the subject of an event. The organizer will have full control over what they want to display in the background. So, eventually, it will engage your audience with a touch of high-definition pictures.

Note: Don’t forget the required resolutions, so videos and images displayed on the screen will be of high quality.

There are chances that low-quality videos or pictures will not look good on a LED screen. So always decide on the LED screen in advance. If possible, forward the visual content to the event organizer to check the resolution on the big screen.

Further, you can use the LED screen for pre-event entertainment. Or show pre-event videos to your guests before starting an event.

4. Easy to Use

It is the latest technology preferred by event companies in Singapore and worldwide. However, it’s easy to use and navigate. This technology is used with VGA, DVI, and HDMI.

The LED wall squares combine together for creating a big picture. You can control the LED displays by using a computer same as a projector screen. The host can easily present videos or galleries to a large-scale audience during an event.

You might know that projector screens can’t be used in a hot outdoor or non-air-conditioned environment because it gets easily overheated. But, LED screens are durable and easy to use in non-air-conditioned outdoor spaces.

How LED Screen Rental Enrich an Event in Singapore?

The LED screen is a versatile product used in almost every type of program. Further, it provides your attendees with another element for interacting with your brand. Your participants can interact by sharing more information and advertising a product in the event venue.

For example, if someone is hosting a live stream, with LED’s help, they can allow viewers to see a particular part of the program from the same location. Most of the event company in Singapore have already opted for this technology.

The Bottom Line

LED video walls provide a seamless image from all angles as well as lighting conditions. So, it is an excellent solution for all the events that need vivid images, mass viewing, or daytime viewing. In the end, they pose the advantages of enhancing the event revenue. Also, they are low maintenance with high durability.

Now, you have got enough knowledge about LED screens and their uses. So it’s time to plan an event. To organize efficient and successful events hiring an event company in Singapore is a great idea. The experts can conduct an impactful program seamlessly. Moreover, they will help to gain more audience and market an event.

Good luck with your next event!

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