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Launch An On-Demand Ride-Hailing App Like Yandex In Russia In Just 5 Days

Yandex Go clone — Taxi and Delivery App Russia

If you are in the business of Taxi Booking services and looking to expand and grow your business in the most cost-friendly way then building Yandex Go Clone Script is the best solution.

To launch Yandex Go Clone App in Russia, the app has to be built on an open-source script that allows you to integrate your features and customize suiting your business necessities.

Integrating It With COVID19 Safety Features

Passengers fear stepping out of the house let alone take up the taxi-booking ride. Thus to ensure that riding in a taxi is completely COVID19 safe, you can integrate CORONAVIRUS safety features in your Yandex Go Clone App.

It will have features like

  • Mask verification
  • Safety checklist
  • Taking temperature along with keeping hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves
  • Flexibility to cancel the trip if user or driver either of them finds one of them not following the safety measures

rider app

Advantages Of Developing Yandex Go Clone App For Your Taxi Business?

When you are thinking to develop an online taxi-booking app to launch in Russia, you want to do it as soon as possible.

Yandex Go Clone App reduces the app development process compared to the one we developed right from the scratch. To launch a taxi riding app as Yandex Go require thoughtful analysis, ensuring that it has covered

So many thought processes and requirement analysis will be behind in the development of an app from scratch. Yandex Go clone script is already developed with user-centric modules that might require customization, which is easy for the app. The cost of building a Yandex Go Clone App is much lesser than developing an original app.

The Yandex Go Clone App comes equipped with real-time tracking; the book now schedules later, fare calculator as well as real-time tracking and reporting.

It has an easy-to-use admin console that provides you to control your entire business operations. It provides an overview of the on-going rides, real-time reports, and stats, etc.

Integrating Latest Technologies into Yandex Go Clone App

Russian Government is strict when it comes to transportation rules. Thus makes sure that the Clone App complies with those policies. Yandex Go Clone App development involves utilizing several technologies. Thus providing an added benefit to both their drivers and the riders.

Maps And Navigator

The clone app comes integrated with a map and a navigator that helps in evaluating the distance. Thus providing it with a less-traffic, quicker route.

Thus, providing the drivers an easy and hassle-free way to reach their destinations.

Integrating Safety Elements

Integrating your Yandex Go Clone app with safety features for drivers and riders will enhance the visibility of the app.

The App will monitor the working hours thus restricting the drivers to over-stress by exceeding usual driving hours. Thus ensuring safety for both riders and drivers.

Another primary feature built on AI technology immediately sends an alert to the administrator if the driver is feeling sleepy or showing awkward behavior. The facial recognition confirms the legitimacy of the driver.

Quality Checks

To make sure that the rider is enjoying the taxi ride thus, the taxi service operators often employ quality checks. Hence, this will make sure that the car is neat and clean and running in a good condition, it has a child seat, etc. Additionally, the driver has to upload the vehicle pictures regularly.

When building a Yandex Go Clone App integrating it with these prominent features will establish your brand in the Russian market in a short time.

Now that you have known, what it takes to develop an app like Yandex. It is the right time to launch a ride-hailing app, as the demand for taxi booking rides is ever-growing. Connect with an On demand Taxi Booking App like Yandex Go development company that develops a professional, seamlessly working Yandex Go Clone App. Make sure that you read their client testimonials and get the demo done before purchasing the white-label Yandex Go Clone App.


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