Kolkata’s Best and Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes

Do you want to learn about digital marketing from the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata? You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for the top Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata.

Many cities are boosting their digital marketing businesses at the moment, and Kolkata isn’t far behind.

Digital marketing has a wide range of applications all around the world. India, in particular, is moving to a digital platform. Because so many organisations are hiring digital marketers, the job of a digital marketer is becoming increasingly demanding.

Many people desire to take a Digital Marketing Course but don’t know where to start. While you are in Kolkata, we will prepare a comprehensive list of the best institutes to visit.

01. Academy Of Digital Marketing

Kolkata is where Academy Of Digital Marketing is located. Since 2019, it has provided a variety of digital marketing core and data analytics training courses.

Over 26500 professionals have been trained in over 3800 batches in over 55 countries. Free Internship Programs are also available through Academy Of Digital Marketing. Academy Of Digital Marketing provides a Most Valuable Certificate program courses upon completion of their training programme, as well as excellent placement support and regular placement updates.

02. The 7Boats Information System

7boats Infosystem is a renowned digital marketing training institute in India, with its headquarters in Kolkata. Since 2011, they have offered both online and offline training programmes through Classmode.

They’ve already trained over 3000 students and professionals around the world, and the Worksop is even better. Classroom training, live webinars, live projects, internships, and strategic consulting are all available to students. Many popular sites, such as Google Playstore (App), Udemy, and others, provide online courses.

03. School of Internet Marketing

Google has teamed with Internet Marketing School to create the greatest Digital Marketing Institute. They have been teaching for 8 years and have a total of 11 centres across India.

If you enrol in their Institute, they will supply you with a variety of tools worth Rs. 62500 that are completely free to any student who becomes a successful Certified Digital Marketer.

04. Karmick Institute

Karmic Institute is one of the most prestigious institutes in India, particularly in Kolkata.

Following the completion of their Digital Marketing Courses, they will be awarded an advanced Digital Marketing certificate. Students are learning increasingly frequently about search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The duration of the training is three months.

05. W3 WebSchool

W3WebSchool is a well-known training institute in Kolkata. The course is mostly concerned with IT and digital marketing in this field. This digital marketing training programme is open to everyone. You only need a basic understanding of computers.

Digital marketing, blogging, SEO, SMM, viral marketing, online reputation management, inbound and outbound marketing, and other topics are covered in their course. Teachers with a lot of experience are in charge of their education.

06. Calcutta Media Institute

They offered a digital marketing Post Graduate Diploma programme.

The course is organised into two semesters, with a total duration of one year. An internship time is included in their last semester. Following the completion of their course, participants will be given certification exams for Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

07. Acesoftech Academy

Acesoftech Academy specialises in site design, development, SEO training, and digital marketing.

This Premium Course was created by SEO Professionals and skilled Trainers. The course lasts three months and lessons are held three times a week. Mr. Umar Rahman has 11 years of experience in the field of search engine optimization.

08. Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing

Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing is a top digital marketing school in Kolkata, founded in 2001 and affiliated with West Bengal University of Technology. They provide three different sorts of courses.

  • A certification programme in digital marketing is available.
  • The digital marketing professional programme
  • Digital marketing advanced course

09. NIHT

Are you looking for the best digital marketing school that offers global certification?

The NIHT Digital Marketing Institute has trained about 2,00,00 students to meet your needs. After that, they provide a paid internship.

10. White Hat Academy

Whitehat academy is one of Kolkata’s leading digital marketing training colleges, specialising in PHP programming. The advanced digital marketing training programme is available, with a four-month course duration.

Last Thoughts

India is not far behind the United States in terms of digital marketing and its applications. The Best Digital Marketing Training Hub in India is based in Kolkata.

If you are looking for a foreign country to learn Digital Marketing courses in, Australia is a wonderful option. Victoria University is a Sydney-based institute of the University of Technology.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article. You can pick the top digital marketing training institute by reading this article. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the post.

Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and its potential in the future.

Conduct market research and analyse consumer behaviour to develop brand marketing strategy.

Learn about social media marketing to assist businesses in establishing an online presence.

Learn Paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and email marketing to improve web traffic and generate leads.

Improve your brand’s website visibility by learning on-page and off-page SEO.

To begin your career in digital marketing, enrol in our Certified Best Digital Marketing Online Course. Learn about search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click, online analytics, mobile, and email marketing from top business experts and professionals. You will receive a digital marketing certification, personalised coaching, and job placement support after completing this course.


Businesses must reach out to their clients via internet channels even more effectively and efficiently in this digital age. As a result, the demand for experts with the ability to improve brand visibility and loyalty online, as well as the data skills to monitor target audience social media usage, has skyrocketed.

This certificate programme will teach you how to apply important concepts and tactics to improve your social media and digital marketing analytics skills. You’ll learn how to shape your business-to-business and business-to-consumer social media programmes, target the correct Internet user characteristics, and improve your relationship management marketing success by studying the online techniques utilised by successful firms today.

This certificate programme in Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics offered by the Department of Marketing is open to all FIU degree-seeking undergraduate students and is designed to complement your major field of study with an additional concentration in Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics.

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