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Kitchen Remodelling Ideas for the House

It can be safely said that kitchens are one of the most important parts of our homes. A well designed and maintained kitchen brings a certain sense of serenity, happiness, and discipline to life. You must research the best materials to use when you are thinking about remodelling your kitchens because it is an investment that you will have to live with for a long time. Merino laminates brings to you an exclusive collection of high-pressure laminates, panels and compact surfaces which will make remodelling your kitchen a breeze. Read on to get hold of some inspiring ideas for your kitchen.


Countertops are your heroes. The easiest way to make your kitchens instantly look better is to get well-designed countertops. Countertops have the heaviest duty in the kitchen – they have to be at the receiving end of your cooking, prepping, serve as meal tables and can sometimes even be used to display the spread you have prepared for your guests. It is paramount that you use only the best material- quality-wise and looks-wise for your countertops. Merino brings to you Impreza unicolor core tops- a collection of high performance ultra-thin compact surfaces that are specifically curated to transform your countertops.


Your kitchen is incomplete without an island. Kitchen Islands are not only incredibly useful but are in style now. Having a sleek, modern island in your kitchen is a statement. Islands are installed in kitchens to isolate the cooking area from the rest of the kitchen- which creates a cleaner, more compact environment. Islands also make for a comfortable breakfast spot. Build your islands in such a way that it also creates some extra storage space underneath. Impreza high performance ultrathin compact surfaces have great applications on your kitchen Islands too. These compact surfaces not only come in a spectacular variety of designs and colour but are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. They are anti-bacterial so you don’t ever have to worry about bacteria building up in your kitchen.


When it comes to cabinets, you can either choose to have open cabinets in your kitchen or a traditional closed cabinet system. While modern kitchens prefer open cabinets, a closed cabinet system looks more organized and neater. You can spruce-up your cabinets by using a high gloss laminate on them. High gloss laminates have now become extremely trendy to use on kitchen cabinets. Not only do they make kitchens look fabulously luxurious, but they also reflect light making your kitchen look larger and brighter. Check out Tuff Gloss MR+, a stunning collection of super gloss laminates. These laminates offer high resistance against mar and abrasion while displaying a spectacular shine.


The walls in your kitchen matter. They pull together the whole room and change the entire look of your kitchen. You can choose a vibrant hue that goes with the rest of your kitchen, or always go for the good old elegant solid colors. Swap in painting for wall panelling- the latest trend in transforming your walls. Panelling not just gives your walls the supreme protection that they need but also makes your walls look beautiful. Panels from Merino are designed exclusively to give your walls the makeover they deserve. Install Gloss Meister to get that shiny, lustrous look for your walls or Matt Meister panels for your kitchen for a more subtle look.


Merino, a global leader in the panels and laminates industry offers a wide collection of products exclusively made to revolutionize your kitchen.

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