Keyword Density in SEO: Is It Still Important?

Every year Google updates its search algorithm more than 500 times.

So, it’s logical to wonder whether things such as keyword density in SEO still matter. After all, talks about keyword density have been fading over the years. Maybe it’s time to ignore it and move on to modern SEO tactics.



Read on to learn what keyword density is and why it’s still important.

What Is Keyword Density in SEO?

Keyword density is the percentage of times a specific word or phrase appears on a web page. It’s tempting to use many keywords to have a high keyword density to improve web page ranking. However, this is an outdated SEO tactic that is bound to backfire.

Why Is Keyword Density Important?

With so many new SEO tactics, it’s easy to forget to check keyword density. You might feel it doesn’t impact SEO, yet it does.

Here are some of the reasons why keyword density is important.

It’s a Google Ranking Factor

Keyword density is a key Google ranking factor. When you observe the right key phrase density, you’ll improve your website’s ranking. The idea is to enhance online presence and increase organic traffic.

To learn more about how keyword density affects website ranking, seek the help of the best SEO agency. The goal is to get help with keyword research and creating engaging content. Also, this SEO agency will help you know the optimal keyword density.

It Prevents Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a huge SEO mistake that leads to severe Google penalties. To mitigate this risk, you need to track your keyword(s) usage. So, learn how to calculate the keyword density.

The idea is to remove unnecessary keyword(s) when editing your content.

How to Improve Keyword Density

There’s no magic number on how many times you’re supposed to use a keyword. However, there are things you can do to ensure optimal keyword use.

Here are simple things content writers can do to improve keyword density and ranking.

Write for the Audience

You need to focus on your audience when writing content to avoid keyword stuffing. Your goal is to provide relevant and engaging content that your audience enjoys reading. Doing this makes maintaining the optimal keyword density effortless.

Add Secondary Keywords

Secondary keywords are terms that are closely related to the primary keywords. Using them reduces repetition and improves readability. Also, secondary keywords make it easy for the right audience to find your content.

Increase Content-Length

Increasing the length of your content will make it easy to maintain the optimal keyword density. All you need is to ensure you add the keyword(s) in key places, such as the introduction and headers.

Improve Google Ranking by Observing Optimal Keyword Density

Despite changes in search algorithms, keyword density in SEO is still important. It’s a major Google ranking factor. So, learn how to calculate keyword density to avoid keyword stuffing.

Also, rely on the above tips to learn to improve keyphrase density. The idea is to write for the audience. Also, add secondary keywords to your content to improve readability.

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